Am I being too hard on them?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Terrier, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. As we are in the process of getting ready for our six-monthly fitness assessment, I took some of my platoon out for a little march this evening.

    Now as we had a new lass with us (not been through basic yet), I asked beforehand if everyone was up for 10k. Everyone was, and the new lass informed me that she was used to walking as she'd been in the scouts for years. No problem then, off we go!

    After the first 5k, the new lass is having problems with her feet. I suggest that we stop and adjust her boots/socks, but no she says she is okay, she just can't walk too fast.

    When we get back, I suggest again that we take a look at her feet, and offer her a lift home if required. No, she was okay!

    Five minutes after I get home, I've got 'Angry Dad' on the phone, complaining that his daughter's feet are raw and bloody (burst blisters?) and saying that he's never heard of anyone being treated so badly.

    I wasn't too sure how to take it, obviously I'm not happy about it. Is he going to call and complain if she's out in the rain?

    How should I deal with this one, any suggestions?
  2. Phone the Dad back , arrange to get round there soonest. Once there, point out what a gutsy little lass he's raised, as you'd offered over and over again to accomodate her, and she just said "I'll soldier on". Tell him that she went past the point where a lot of blokes would have sacked it.

    Point out she's got the sort of qualities we're looking for , and you'd certainly like to see her in the intake, but you'll need her to actually speak up if she's in rag order.

    To you though , were you running a Jack-wagon and a medic in trail on this walk? Was there a footwear, socks and feet inspection before the off?

    Not trying to apportion blame TT , just trying to get the bigger picture.
  3. She's joined the army (ok militia) and her dad has phoned up whinging? Quality! Is he going to do the same after her first contact in the sandpit?

    Most definitely not too hard....

    If you had beasted them without assessing their ability/surveying progress on the run then fair one - you cocked up. But you didn't.
  4. Angry Dad obviously lives in a social vacuum - doesn't read the papers or watch the telly.

    Or was he actually complaining about you insisting on checking whether she had blisters elsewhere? Thighs rubbing together, for example.
  5. You're right about the jack wagon and medic, I'd thought about it, but decided it probably wouldn't be necessary for a reasonably gentle bimble.

    Good idea about phoning back, I'd thought of e-mailing, but it's better with a more personal touch. I certainly don't want to lose anyone over this.
  6. T_T: Good one for caring about've adjusted your thinking to suit your recruits.

    Her old man needs to understand what his daughter is getting into and how proud he could be if she cracked it.

    It's not the scouts!

    Although a summer posting to Boz can seem like it!
  7. It's going to be a difficult sell. The Danish TA is undergoing a period of change, her dad is serving (not in my unit) and seems to be very old school (i.e. lots of coffee, and danish pastries and no exercise) so he can't understand why it's necessary. As mentioned, his daughter seems to be a bit of a trooper though.
  8. If shes yet to go through basic then some might say shes not been shown how etc yet.
    I'd say this is far from the last time she will get a march so its probably a good introduction to how much blisters suck, and she'll realise that taking care of your feet is important now - something that'll help a lot during training! CFTs and FTXs that would normally be no problem become a real nightmare when every step feels like a red hot poker so she should consider this part of her "education".

    And yes, she showed guts, how many recruits not even done phase 1 would've seen it through with foot problems? Thats what we're after. Impress this and the fact she didnt bale out on her dad. In fact impress the fact she VOLUNTEERED for the Army to begin with on her Dad and so what say does he have!

    Just out of interest is this our TA or Danish forces?

    Edited when I realise yes it is the Danish TA!
  9. Thought just crossed my mind. Is the Danish TA voluntary? You have a form of national service and then go into the reserves I think? If thats the case then disregard my last! Unless she did volunteer...
  10. It's pretty much all volunteer, though I think that you can choose to do your national service in the Danish TA.

    Even so, I've never heard of anyone actually doing it!
  11. Err LE it aint Dutch its Danish and the reason I'm asking ain't because I thought I'd just throw a random question in there, its because TT is funnily enough Danish!

    TT how does the system work then, you do 2 years fulltime national service and then into the TA to keep current? Or can you just do the national service then sack the "stay in the reserves" thing?
    Anyhow sorry for dragging this off thread and best of luck with the situ!
  12. No, national service has changed again recently. You do four months full time service, learning basic military skills and various tasks like firefighting and so on, so that these recruits can assist in emergencies. Then a further eight months if you want to be deployed abroad (I think it's a three year contract, with two deployments minumum).

    You don't have to join the TA, if you don't want to, but all ex-conscripts have a reserve obligation for a few years (five I think).


    The Tartan part in my username should tell you where I'm from!
  13. TT , her dad doesn't think it's neccessary, because after many years of pastries and Tuborg , he's forgotten screaming in pain with every step and being properly beasted as a recruit.

    Get round there, in uniform if you can , Fredensborg guard turnout stylee, so her Dad can see this is a no messing NCO. Coming from a bloke who obviously demands high standards, he'll understand. When you tell him his daughter has the makings of a proper little soldier "She must have been in bits , but she just bit her lip and kept going" he'll take that on board, and on his next mess night, he'll be boring everyone stupid with his "My daughter is a born soldier , cos TT says so , 15 miles with her feet bleeding and never complained blah-blah-blah"

    But the key is to front it, get round there and present yourself. It will also send her old man the message he really wants , which is his Daughter's unit care about their troops.

    Oh , and it might be an idea to turn out the Biff Wagon and the medic, even if it is only a bimble from now on.....
  14. how old is this girl??
  15. She is 18.