Am i being had? (not literally as I HAVE been!)

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by JennyTwoWombs, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, wonder if you can help me out - and before any of you roll your eyes and call me a stupid girl, Im only 16 and natural;ly blond and so meant to be - just cant help myself. Im an Army cadet in pompey. and wanna join when i finish college and am seeing a guy who tells me hes ex para been seeing him for a month or so. His name is Cal but he lives in london and cums here at weekends and i havent met any of his mates. He told me he was in for 6 years and ent to Afghan with 5 times and was in iraq and sierra leonew but had to leave after getting shot but if he stayed in they were going to promote him to the SAS. Like i said i may be a bit blond but am not totally stupid and been in cadets since i was 13 so know a bit of how it works and been on this website for about ayear now which is how i cum to know that his name is not Cal. Its mike and he looks a bit different from his arsepedia pages. thing is hes a nice guy otherwise but so full of bs and i dont care if someone is ex army or whatever if i like them thats it. He seems so fucked up in the head and i really wanna help him and try to get him to tell the truth and act normally cos he doesnt need to pretend to be something he aint just to impress people cos if he is nice they will see him for who he is anyway. I have a brother with Aspergers and ADHD so can simpathise with someone who has got mental problems so dont want to humiliate him just want to do what is right for him and best for me. And no, before you ask, we havent. and as for piccies, no i wont :):-D Jenniexxxx
  2. This has to be a wah, but I'm at work, bored, so I'll bite.....

    Yes you are more than likely "being had". Sounds like he's a bullshitter. You know his name is "Mike" and not "Cal" and you still need to ask if you're being had? Wakey wakey!
  3. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    From what your saying I think he is making it all up to impress you. His timescales of where he has Been and time served don't add up, if I were you I'd leave well alone As he sounds like a right fruit loop !!!!

  4. I know hes a bullshitter but its wierd cos otherwise hes so nice and its not like he is taking me for a mug if that makes sense, he wont even let me get my purse out and sepnds loads on me and aint like other blokes who just want a shag. My bro like i said has got a reality problem and if you ask him the most basic thing like what he did yesterday he will come out with something amazing like other day he was late to come round for tea and told mum and me hed been in the bank to get some money out and it got robbed and he spent the daqy at the police statiuon going through mugshots. Our next door neighbour works in the bank and they must have been bloody good as she hadnt seen it happen!! I really just wanna know if theres anything i can do to help him really as i think he just needs a friend and someone to help him relaise the sky aint made of cheese! I went through the whole thread on him and know you guys really hate him and I understand why he is so hated but im just trying to look at the othger side if that makes sense. I am going to tell him that im only going to be a mate if he sorts himself out coz faces up to fact hes got probs as noone is going to take me for a ride. Jennie xxxx
  5. That would be Mike Golden, would it?
  6. Poor attempt this one.
  7. Wah shield up.

    That's you isn't it Mike? You've stolen a picture of a girl off of Facebook and returned to haunt us.

    Either that or Mike is now cruising for some Naval tackle in Pompey.

    Question I know everyone is thinking and possibly to shy to ask, have you put out to him yet?

    Wah shield down.
  8. i dint actually click until i saw the tatt cos he looks lot diffrent from the pics on the thread. that and fact he says his nickname in army was tigger. im seeing him next weekend and really dreading it cos i want to tell him to come clean and talk to me and that im not going to judge him, just wanna help. cheers for any advice guys and dont wqorry im not some lovesick kid ior anything, just wanna do the right thing for someone whose i think needs a lot of help more than anything. jenni xxx
  9. WAH...........
  10. Very poor WAH! Avatar looks like a mukky one, though!
  11. Hi Jenny,

    I am afraid this is a common thing amongst those who have never served and also those who have, they will tell alsorts of stories but in fact it can hurt those close to them amd isolate themselves in the long run, you could say things like I have a firend who also served in the Paras and he is dying to meet you. Read up on the paras and ask him questions about selection and where are the battalions based. Look up the dates when sierra leone operations took place and what other regiments were involved. In September 2000 that is when the SBS, SAS and the Paras whent in to free members of the Royal Irish that had been captured, therefore asking him when he served from and to will give you an idea if he was actually there.

    You are not promoted into the SAS you are selected and you have to pass the selection phase, but this is not the end the next 18 months is a continuation training which you can be RTU (Returned to Unit) anytime you fail a part of the selection phase.

    Reading you thoughts you already ahve the gut feeling so my dear mag to grid, get rid.


  12. On a more interesting topic, Blobmesister your avatar is cool as ****. I have not seen Airwolf in ages.

    How did he keep that helicopter secret he must have had a quality shed for it.
  13. You looking for a job as an Agony Aunt or just trying to help her out of her knickers?
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  14. Hey goody thanks loads and good to hear from you :) i wanna join signals after college and been in cadets for three years now and love it. Know quite a lot on paras as few of lads here have gone in to training and one is out there now. Dont worry, if im with someone i gotta trust them hundred percent so i know this isnt going anywhere if he cant tell me the basic truth but at same time i wanna help if i can as thats just the sort of person i am and its a bit more personal to me as with my brother i can sort of see the problems and stigma he faces if that makes sense. saying that if he wants me to be a mate and wants my help hes gotta talk to me Jenni xxx
  15. Definite wah! How many times do you want to spell your name differently "Jenny"? Is is Jenny, Jennie or jenni? Make you mind up "girl".