Am I being F**ked over!!!!


Well I guess I'll start for the beginning.

I was sent to a corp recruiting team based in the UK in May of last year, my regiment is in BFG.
All my kit is still in Germany and I have received neither a posting or attachment order or booked out of the garrison in Germany. I have basically been on the black economy because the job I have been doing doesn't exist in the eyes of JAP so there was know where to post me too.

Since July last year I have been receiving LSA and LOA, and paying food and accommodation. I spoke to my Sqn Clerk in Germany and he said this was right. The problem is that there is now a posting/job code of the recruiting job I'm doing on JPA, and I have been told by the GAO that they want the LSA and LOA back! Is this right?

I can't why I should have to pay for there mistakes! If I had have known that were the case I would have put the money in a savings account.

Any input would be much welcomed.
Has there been an assignment order raised for you?

If so, then i would say from the date that they assign you to the recruiting job is the day the LSA and LOA stops.

If that day is when you first arrived, then you have sh!t out. Although you could put a case up through your new admin office. Or raise an isupport yourself.

Hope this helps. :D
Thanks mate, I've not been given anything apart from a msg telling me I'm going to be paying back the Army £260 till the day I die.
Who gave you the message?

Think your best off speaking to the JPAC!

I have called JPAC they said its nothing to do with them and down to the unit admin office, but there no help.

I left the recruiting team on the 7th of March and I'm only still in the UK and in the Garrison because I'm on a course till the 6th June, and now they get an attachment order though!!! Just my luck.
Shouldnt be any charge to you then mate. Its their screw up, not yours, you should not be unfairly dis-advantaged.

Granted, an Assignement Order has been issued for your course, so you shouldnt get anything for that, but for the duration of your posting with the recruitment team, nothing should be taken off you.

I suggest you have a word with the GAO when you get back.

What has probably happened to you is: a JPA pid has been created for the job you do in recruiting, a career manager has then Assigned you to that pid and (to change the budget UIN that pays for you) backdated that Assignment order and it is that which has invalidated your eligibility to LSA and LOA.

Action to take: as soon as the GPD appears on your pay statement, fill in the Annex to the overpayment DIN objecting to the refund because @ the time it was paid you were entitled to the allowances and therefore spent the money in good faith and it is only the backdating of the Assignment Order that has put you in debt.

Ask your RAO (or one nearby) to help you draft the objection.
Paymaster's advice is spot on, but a bit of background for your argument with your RAO:

The old recruiting teams were black economy and therefore you were entitled to all the additional benefits of being in Germany - LOA, etc - even though you were in the UK.

However the ARTs are now fully established posts to which you are posted (or assigned in JPA speak). You will therefore loose your additional allowances for Germany.

Until you have an assignment order you should legitimately be able to claim all the allowances open to you. It is hardly your fault that your admin office has been tardy in properly assigning you...

I had a similar experience, I was attached to the ASTC in Kiel for 6 months, and was paid the relevant allowances for the time.

When I returned to the UK, I continued to recieve the LOA for 6 months, despite raising the issue every time I got paid, and being told that it would be sorted every time.

Eventually I had the lot, over £500, taken back in three chunks. Fortunatly I knew it was gonna go eventually so had kept some of the extra money aside.
That's the way i view the situation. I've just been an JPA this morning and had a look at the postings page, my attachment as far as JPA is concerned didn't even start till the 20 Mar 2008! I've spoke to my RCMO this morning and he's going to try and back date my reattachment order from the 21st of March. This will enable me to LSA and LOA + IE for the remainder of the course.

To those in the know, is it possible to back date attachment orders?
Career Managers can backdate the Assignment Order, if unsucesfull on the overpayment objection your unit can raise a case through Bde to the PACC at APC, they deal with objection case work all the time.
Thanks for that. The thing that p1sses me off is that when ever I went into the GAO they didnt want to know is I'm ''not one of them'' now there all over me like a cheap suit now they think I owe them money!

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