Am I being f****d over?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by crescent, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Mornin'

    I passed Selection a week ago, and as (I think) most of you know from some of my previous posts, all I want to be is a tankie - however my ACIO have tried everything they can to turn me away from the RAC and into something that "uses my potential."

    In the PSO interview I was told that my left eye is slightly too poor for RAC, however both of my eyes are corrected to perfect vision. I'm under the impression that an eye would have to be myopic for it to be a problem, so my question is am I being BS'd in another effort to get me to change my job choice again? Which I've had to do, currently RMP.
  2. Yes...
  3. come on - dodge eye being sent to the RMP - they never turn a blind eye to anything.
  4. Deffo fcuked over.

    Say (from me, if you like) "which bit of 'I WANT TO JOIN A TANK REGIMENT' do you not understand you thick cocksack?"
  5. Yes.

    For info, my gunnery instructor had one eye, at my regt we had a lad who lost his right eye, but could still use a SA80 & were/is a brilliant shot. I might be wrong but you can ask for a second medical opinion (as you can if on a medical disharge).

    Is there any serving recruiter out there, willling to be honest & let us all know why keen lads are being denied thier first choice for bizzare reasons. And I 'am aware that several RAC regts have no problems recruiting & are fully manned. There are cases on other threads that keep mentioning this subject :?
  6. RMP is also currently over-manned and no vacancies for a loooong time, so why are they sending you that direction? The new one army site seems to be sending everyone to the Paras, wonder why they're not trying that on you :lol:
    If you want something badly enough , stick to your guns.Stamp your feet and tell them you're not joining if you can't have RAC.As I've said elsewhere, they tried to dissuade me from RMP and I told them if I can't have RMP I'm not joining.Amazing how suddenly it was ' ah ok so RMP then'(and I'm ancient so this nonsense has been going on for a long time)
  7. Well they tried the same old shenanigans with me, and that was in 1987 at Sutton Coldfield. I wanted RAC but the guy who interviewed me was trying all the tricks in the book to get me to do something else.

    Still I stuck to my guns and he gave up trying in the end. If it's really what you want to do and there's no genuine medical reason stopping you , then like already has been said, stick yer foot down and tell em.

    Good luck 8)
  8. They will try anything stick to what you want to do the qoute "Use your potential" Usually means that you will be carrying a GPMG all over the place
  9. Yup, 1984, i wanted RCT, got talked into RAC.

    I loved it, HOWEVER, i wouldnt recommend anybody joining the army these days, its up to you, but booze, birds, bikes, holidays, sleep and freedom appeal to me much more than Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Dont believe the army adverts on T.V.
  10. Cheers guys, much what I thought.

    I KNOW I've seen it somewhere but I just can't find it as hard I look; can anyone link me to/upload/email whatever the diopeters (6/xx numbers) limit for RAC?

    I've got the PULHEEMS and it says 3 corrected to 1 for RAC, but I need to know what the Army range (1/2/3/4) is compared with the actual diopeters, that way I'll have someone concrete to go into the ACIO with and be able to put it in front of him and say "I want to be a tankie" :thumright:
  11. Why don´t you go to a recruiting office where there´s a RTR or Cav Recruiting Sergeant,most regiments have I believe a recruiting team,...............just let them ´poach´you! :?
  12. My local ACIO, and the next 2 further out, all have Cav Sgts in them - the one in my ACIO is one of the stronger "Do something better" voices for some reason :?

    I've spoken to my landlord (RAMC Major) and he also says it sounds like I'm being BS'd - he's going to find out the PULHEEMS 'actual scales' for me (I think that's what he called it) - on the RAC job brief is has 3 to 1 for both eyes on PULHEEMS, now I just to know what levels 3 and 4 actually are in real terms.
  13. I was failed for RAC in 1986 for having flat feet, i am serious FLAT FCKING FEET!! in the RAC. Any way i had done the lot, Cubs, scouts, and the cadets and i come from an area where as kids we walked mikles each day over rough ground (well you could in those days).

    Stick to your guns fellah, if its the RAC for you then no one can stop you. best of luck mate.
  14. Oh i should have said that i sought a second opinion and they laughed at the first opinion. joined JLR RAC in 1986, still serving now. Go for it.
  15. Sounds like a question for Blues_Cav he'll no that stuff he's in the game and has a mahassive heed (don't tell him I said though, this is a PM isn't it....Doh)