Am I being binned!!!??? (TA)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by rogue_trader, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Question answered by Armynet.

    thanks for your help.
  2. Constructive criticisum,....................Mess Webley
  3. I wasn't aware they threw people out of the TAs for being fat and shit at soldiering. The ones that aren't are going to get a bit lonely.
  4. Dont think my cold, dead ass would be any use to the new unit though?
  5. If this isn't a wind-up you should ask yourself what do you think you are offering the army: Not interested in learning a trade, wanted a commission but shit fitness, poor reports from training. Not exactly glowing is it, and this is your starting position when you're supposed to be at your keenest.
    You're just going through the motions, the army, TA included, can afford to be picky. Hand your kit in and give someone who's really interested a chance. To be honest your questions make you sound like some sort of barrack room lawyer who will waste time, effort and resources.
  6. It would be useful if had all your kit attached to it.
  7. Judging from your first post, I dont think your Ass was any use to the first unit..............
  8. You never know Porky, they might be planning a unit smoker.
  9. IF all the above were true then I would be saying the same. I didn’t put the whole story there because didn’t see it as relevant.

    I AM INTERESTED IN A TRADE! But not the ones my unit were offering. I did mention that to my unit when signed up. Im not going to go into too much detail here about it, its pointless. In my new unit, im taking a trade.

    I realised my mistake and want to put the learn from it. I spent the last 3 months bashing myself to shit to get my PT up. At the time of my basic training I had some personal issues but not going to bore people with my shit. What motions do you think I am going through, except trying to better myself. Is that would you would do, jack it in at the first hurdle? Give me some ******* credit!

    I dont care what my questions sound like im trying to get a sensible answer to a question posted in the apparently sensible section of the website. So trying to phrase them in a way that will be understood by people who want to be helpful. IE not you.....
  10. I can only comment on what you've posted.

    So why join that unit in the first place?

    The thing is most people who want to do the job just get on and do it, no histrionics, drama etc. Credit where credit's due eh?

    It's all about you mate isn't it? I'm really trying to help the poor bastards who might be lumbered with you....
  11. You could join the RNR as the trade training is not unit specific.
  12. You know usually I wouldnt reply to drivel like this but, you obviously put a lot of thought into it so I dont want to dissapoint you by leaving you dry.

    As you seem to be full of opinion can you tell me what moral fortitute is then? I was under the impression it was learning from mistakes and getting on with it. Your version is what having a good old cry when things get tough?


    Just to help with your mental picture of me, as you met so many people like me, I come from a military family and was going to join up in 99 before shit hit the fan but got a real job. That real job got me in a position where I could start working for Army Charities raising money for people like you who will one day get slotted, you mong. As for the uniform cudos, you dont need some cheap chinese iron-me-shiny gorilla suits to get laid when you are loaded, you MONG. Suppose you wouldnt know that though. Pity.

    I dont play xbox, becuase I have a JOB. Thats what civis do.

    I joned the TA to be told what to do, to improve myself. It just took a bit of getting used to, but as you are the next best thing to Mr McNab, you know how easy it is to do a 360 degree lifestyle change, in 2 months, in your late 20s, whilst still raising a family and working a job. Dont you? Please tell.

    As for this down the pub bragging thing, i dont have the insecurities of someone with a 2 inch cock and under achiever syndrome like you are describing. Ive achieved MUCH more in my civi life than needs me to brag about what, 2 weeks in pirbright and a few weekends?

    The only statements I can really make to your post is this-

    would that be perchance, exactly the same amount of times youve posed in front of your mirror?

    Or, when people like me have with pity in our eyes, bought a big issue off you?

    That, sir, is my honest opinion.

    Thanks for the 'musment everyone.

    My original question was answered by PM, by someone sensible, and fixed my problem. Thanks for being so helpful!
  13. But then RiflemanTom will have no one to talk to?