Am I Being Arsed Around?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by MattMcGandie, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    Could I please have someones advice/opinion on this one.

    I applied to join the TA in April at my local unit.

    I went right up to selection (was waiting for a date) and then got a message that due to cuts etc. all attestations would be delayed until April next year at that particular unit.

    The recruiter suggested, in good faith, that I transfer my application to another local unit who were seemingly unaffected by the cuts, at that stage and actively recruiting.

    I paid them a visit and they were brilliant, I thought this is deffo the place that I want to be.

    They advised me that I would be most welcome there and they had no problems letting me join.

    I transferred my application, went to see them a few times informally and everything was great.

    This was at the beginning of September.

    The thing is, I am still no further forward.

    I spoke to the recruiter about 3 weeks ago and he told me that due to the cuts they were not getting paid for recruiting so it had effectively ground to a halt and that's why I haven't been contacted.

    Nobody wants to work without getting paid, right?

    He told me that recruiting was starting to pick up again due to the cuts now being reversed and he would get in touch as soon as they were sure the budget was there.

    He said my application was still in the pipeline and everything was ok but I was "out of date" and needed to get another medical done etc.

    He also said he would contact me a week ago, I haven't heard from him at all.

    So the past 7 months of waiting and running about are to be wasted.

    I am at the stage of quitting because I feel totally demoralised with it all.

    I'm still very keen but I cannot help feeling as if I am being messed around.

    I do understand that there have been problems with the cuts etc. but surely a phone call now and then isn't going to break the bank.

    I am not the kind of person who would continually pester them either.

    What should I do?

    I you were in the same position, what would you do?


  2. hang in there, guys have been hanging around in theatre for six months with the very real threat of death, seven months is a long time but if you want it you will get it. Hang in your enthusiasm will get you far.
  3. I appreciate that, my brother in law is just home from Afghanistan.

    I just need to know if this is a general problem across the TA or is it just me?

    Do you think I should contact the recruiter and ask him straight out if there is a problem with me or my application.

    I've only met the guy twice and I don't think I rubbed him up the wrong way, least I sincerely hope not.

    I can't help this vague gut feeling that I'm being messed around.

    I just want a straight answer, yes or no!

    If yes, ok lets get on with it, if no then sure I'll be very disappointed but I'd rather know.
  4. transfers are a difficult issue - there is a lot on the go for units to deal with at the mo,

    glad you found a unit you feel (initially) happy to transfer to.

    with regards to your transfer - its your releasing units CO that has to agree with your transfer then release you. If I were you, I'd enquire with your old unit first - there will be a paper trail to follow
  5. Mate this time last month the TA had been laid off, we are just getting things back together now at my unit, I can only imagine its the same at the unit you want to join. All I can suggest is to ring them on the next parade night or drop in and see them. They wont be dicking you around and may be as frustrated as you are over the whole situation.
  6. Dont be confrontational with the guy he may have a ton of other guys going through the same as you. As for rubbing the recruiter the wrong way I wouldnt worry about it. However be mature about it let him know you are interested, mention that you are really keen to get on.

    There is a massive problem with recruiting at the moment, ask if there is anything wrong with your application. If he asks you to be patient do so.

    Sometimes the army moves in mysterious ways and from experience a long drawn out affair. Just be patient.

    I delighted that you take it seriously and want to be part of a unique organisation.

    Hope everything works out for you.

  7. Thanks for the advice guys.

    This has been causing me a LOT of worry recently.

    The paperwork was received at the new unit as of the 4th of September including all the hard copies.

    I guess I should bite the bullet and ring up or go and see them.

    I don't want to cause a fuss though as it might piss them off.
  8. Matt, it get really boring on a parade night sometimes, just turn up, we love it when recruits show some initiative !
  9. If anyone of any importance in the CoC is reading this...

    Did you listen to the MATTs stuff on values and standards ? Is this any way to treat the troops ??
  10. If you mean in respect to my recent treatment.

    I would have to honestly say that if it were anyone or anything else OTHER than the TA that caused me this much grief then I would have "kicked it into touch" long since.

    However hard I do try to understand the current predicament (as much as I can being a civvy) I don't really think that this is a professional or indeed, a "decent" way to treat anyone.

    Surely it is in their best interests to keep potiential recruits "gee'd up and make them feel wanted".

    That's what pains me the most, a phone call every week to let me know I hadn't been forgotten about wouldn't have done any harm.

    I suppose I am totally screwed now because I cannot even try another unit after this mess.

  11. Sorry to hear you were messed arround, unfortunatly your application was just at the wrong time with cuts being bandied arround and no real information at ground level. It should be back to normal in most units now, all being with a bit of trepidation. As for your medical, they only last six months so its only the medical you should have to take.

    And be sure that even phoning the unit every week only shows comitment

    Good luck and dont give up, it's well worth the wait
  12. Just think of the last seven Months as training for when you do get in and get the pleasure of really getting messed about by the Army! :)
  13. Ask yourself which sounds better in the bar after work.

    "What happened to recruit Scroat ?"

    "We never heard anything back from him, waste of skin"


    "He's dead keen to get into things, rings us all the time"
  14. It took me from March to September to get attested and that was before the cuts.

    Phone the TAC during office hours, find out what drill nights they are parading on and turn up to them all until they do something with you.

    Good luck.
  15. On the other hand......its not exactly encouraging for the recruit is it?

    In his own words

    "Surely it is in their best interests to keep potiential recruits "gee'd up and make them feel wanted".

    That's what pains me the most, a phone call every week to let me know I hadn't been forgotten about wouldn't have done any harm."......says it all huh?