Am I being a twit with an a?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by JimmyNeutron, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right forum so mods please correct me if its not.

    The happiest day of my life happened on Monday when my baby girl was born, 7lb2oz bundle or gorgeousness.

    Since that day its all gone breasticles up and I could do with some advice from my fellow arrsers.

    Mrs Neutron isn't doing too well at the hospital, she has had a bad medical history with blood clots etc and since birth has caught a rather nasty water and stomach infection and possibly blood clots again. Off medication the pain is unbearable and on medication she is dozey and sleeps. Therefore she is unable to sufficiently (or to my liking) look after the baby due to being on a drip 24/7 and beink sick and having the sh1ts.

    Baby is feeding happily from a bottle and is 100% tip top condition, all blood works etc are clear unlike her poor mother. I have asked a few times to take her home to ease the burden on the missus so she can stay in and rest properly but have been treated with no respect and told no chance. They have failed to give me a satisfactory reason why but expect me to be happy when they say that mother and baby need another week in hospital!

    My question to the lads and lasses is can I discharge the little one on the grounds that neither the hospital or my better half can look after her as well as I can? I have 12 weeks off work, the house is more than ready for baby, my mother and sister who both have had 3 kids are litterally 2 minutes away, i can get to the hospital faster than frank sinatra can sing when i was 17, etc etc etc.

    What do you think? Am i being an arrse cause the hospital staff are going out of their way to make me think i am.
  2. Hospital staff are experts(most of them at least)
    You are way too emotional to think straight
    Give them the benefit and do as suggested
    Best place for both your partner and baby is in hospital.
    They'll make sure your partner gets rest and baby is looked after too.


    Congrats, daddy. and they said you didn't have it in you !!
    Well done and good luck, to you partner and sprog. 8)
  3. Hahaha, now nobody had accused me of being over emotional before! My head says youre right but something inside feels a lot different. Guess its the start of fatherhood kicking in!

    Thanks for the congrats.
  4. welcome to the land of grownup-dom
    Chill the feck out, go have a jar or three
    phone your mother/her mother
    smoke that cigar man and be happy

    the next 20 years are a bottomless money pit,

    enjoy the silence while you can.
  5. What Darthspud said! (Both times)

    Give it a few months when you're back at work and the lovely daughter squeals all day and night and you'll wish she was back at hospital 8O

    Congratulations :D
  6. baby bonding, colostrum, the fact she's just shat a water melon and loves it a lot etc etc, all reasons why baby and mum together with hospital is a good idea.
    For you, get head down massively in between visiting hours, get house evn more tidy and ready (how many home cooked frozen meals do you have in freezer to keep you all going when she gets back?) so when she comes home you have energy to run round and support etc etc

    admirable sentiments, to look after daughter, but since that little bundle is probably the only light at the end of the tunnel your missus has while going through sh1t times, taking it away for whatever good logical reasons, you will never be forgiven. Mum's need love and care too
  7. Thanks mate. I guess im being a big girl.
  8. A lot of the issue however is that the missus wants me to take her home cause she feels like a bad mum on day 6 having to palm baby off on the midwives! I gave her a verbal slap for suggesting it but it must be bloody hard for her.
  9. Way ahead of you! Beers made me worse, porn made me better so I'm back to square one! :D

    Thanks for the congrats. :D