Am I being a knob?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by exbluejob, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. HE’S put his life on the line for his country time and time again.
    But war veteran Mark Hampson is facing homelessness.
    He and his family will lose their forces house in Emsworth on September 26 and they have nowhere to go.
    This is despite an assurance made by Prime Minister David Cameron, who vowed to give our heroes the support they need after leaving the forces.
    Mr Hampson, of Sabre Way, served in the Royal Artillery for 23 years and toured Iraq and Afghanistan. He also survived a battle with cancer.
    The 41-year-old, his wife Janet, 52, and children, Brody, 18, and Callum, 16, have been told to leave their home of 18 years by the MoD a year after he was discharged from the armed forces.
    He said: ‘It’s a bit of a shock that it’s happened so quickly. The stress of it is a bit worrying – we don’t know where to turn.

    After 23 years of service, veteran faces losing home - Defence - Portsmouth News

    He's had a year and it's a shock it's happened so quickly. Obviously because after serving 23 years he didn't know he couldn't remain in quarters after discharge. Seriously is it me or am I just being non PC and non fluffy in thinking WTF?
  2. He is in the Artillery, which explains a lot
  3. All that banging has made him fucking deaf?
  4. .........................................Sounds like a Knob to me!

    23 years in the Army & he hasn't got his accommodation sorted out?

    He's avin a giraff!
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  5. The end of your 22 can hardly come as that much of a shock, can it?
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  6. He had 22yrs on a wage to see it coming!
    Boo hoo sob sob
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  7. And you lot thought us Pioneers were thick!
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  8. Sounds like he's had a bright idea, and got the press involved to milk it some...
  9. I've got room here for Brody/Brodie.
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  10. I just told my missus and she fell on the floor laughing!
  11. Just to clarify, he's done his time in the army (a timeframe he wanted that wasn't forcibly cut short or redundancy) has had a whole year on top to square his life away and now he has a wibble on because the army wants it's house back?
  12. He's had 18 years in the same quarters and didn't think to maybe buy a house and get on the ladder instead of 18 years of renting?
  13. If I had lived somewhere for 18 years I'd have bought years ago and put the rent money to good use. He wants to try moving every 3 years the tit.
  14. The answer to your first question is obviously yes!
  15. Has he considered moving to Liverpool. Something tells me he would fit in.