Am I being a bit of a Walt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Green_jacket_TA, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. I left the TA a few years ago but still go down to my local war memorial every remembrance day to pay my respects.

    I was digging around in my old kit last week I couldn't find my beret (still had my cap badge mind).

    My question is this would I be acting a bit of a walt if I went to my local Army Surplus store and got myself a new beret to wear on remembrance weekend? I've never worn my beret on November 11th before for fear of walt apperance. I am well aware that it’s a long way off now but prior preparation and all that.

    Any advice would be cracking.
  2. who cares!!!! do what you want
  3. you could give it large to all the Rifles lads who joined after the amalgamation, telling them they've never had it so good. Yeah, that'd be awesome.
  4. As long as you're not going to plaster yourself in unearned medals, not even the Walthunters on here will give a flying fcuk.

    Good on yer.
  5. So you don’t think it would be a good idea to tell everyone down the pub that I was the third man on the balcony or that I painted the boat house then?
  6. Emperor Mong may have a few things to say here...
  7. Go as a pirate, no-one uses any imagination at these things.
  8. Meh.

    Think I'm going to top myself after all.
  9. Why do you need to wear your beret? Turn up wearing smart clothes, regimental tie and those who have served will know, and respect you.
    My local parade a real fat bloke turned up, bursting out of his clothes even his 9 Para RE beret and his fake leather jacket were several sizes too small. I stand near the back amongst other blokes wearing various regimental ties and the usual N Ireland medals and there is a certain dignity in that.
    If you wish to swan about in a beret join the local legion club and do it properly.
  10. Do you consider yourself a Veteran ?

  11. what do you mean has he ever fronted out Death on a dark and wet Belfast street?
  12. Oh was that you? I thought you were the one whose rope got caught up.
  13. As JammyDoNut says turn up looking smart, with medals (if any) shiny shiny and a regimental badge/tie/lapel pin wear a beret if you want , no one will take the p1ss if you are genuine.
    The important thing I believe is to act repectfully. (unlike some councillors at our place who gabe away to each other along the parade and whilst stood at the cenotaph)
    We even have a chap who come dressed in a US Army Officer Uniform, he's probably never even been to the States (has broad Lancy accent), he just likes dressing up. He doesn't wear any medals or pretend to be septic, harmless old tw@t really, but, he's part of a respectful parade.
  14. I am thinking about getting a new beret for rememberence parades - my original one was stolen on ops and the replacement never felt right after using cold water to help shape it. Nothing wrong in looking all regimental regardless who I served with or where it was.
  15. tie and pin is fine, its what everyone else does.

    if you want to wear a beret, track down your local RGJA branch, they probably organise more 'regimented' Nov 11th days out.