Am I banned again?

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Just asking like.

None of my posts are showing.
This one is. Maybe you need a cup of tea and a bit of a lie-down?
I'm not allowed tea. It has milk and shit in.

Some people need to realise that life is bigger than this.

Oh, I don't care.
Are you trying to post with your speak and spell again?
Does your medicine look watery?
I can't say whether you're banned again, but I am positive you're drunk again.
This seems likely. Even I got a PM from Sluggy that bragged how many ARRSEers she'd banged up on the telephone... ;-) Those in the know put their answering machines on between the hours of midnight to 7 am GMT to ensure undisturbed sleep... She does send the most amusing text messages tho' :p


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So more attention seeking pointless drivel then ?
The_Snail is not advertising herself on mature dating adverts from this site?
And so overwhelmed by the amount of obscene post incoming?
She needs a new dog. Preferably a deaf incontinent one that she can blame the smell of wee on.
I thought she advertised herself on Craigs-list.

And then kills the ones who turn up in person, after she has tortured the pin number from them and done a run to Lidl for boxes of Hock.
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