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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Oct 29, 2008.

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  1. Knowing that the Provost Sgt is completely smashed after a LIMs Halloween Do, who coincidentally lives opposite me, so I can hear him stagger back. Is it wrong to sellotape the lock up on his door?

    I was waiting for him to get back so I could newspaper/brown paper him into his room, but I think he has gone partying with the RQ. He turned up as CatWoman - I mean, what sort of bloke trusts the guard to go and get him a fancy dress costume????
  2. Just another normal day in HM services afgoonistan support.

    why bother, unless you have the hots for h/im.

    how about being adult and ??????????????? if thats the norm in the UK's army today ( worried mum for son in afgoonistan)
  3. Do you want a round of applause? Just do it...
  4. sellotape his lock :twisted:

    make you sure video it though and post it.
  5. Shut up you gobby *. Just because specific soldiers aren't on ops at this precise moment doesn't mean they haven't been before or will not go again. Drunken pranks have happened since year dot.
  6. A disjointed military system.

    A senoir w/dildo has time and the brain cells to think?

    fcuk what next, supply ammo and water to the troops at the front line.

    god forbid??????????// do what you get paid for.
  7. Now you are getting beyond a joke. Read my post above. Your son is on ops now - great, respect and all that. But most of the rest of us have been there and most of us will go again. We are all in this together. And if you think your boy won't be joining in with the games and the banter when he gets back, you really are an old goat...
  8. I've always found Superglue to be Locktite whosoever the lock in question may belong to.
  9. You, madam have very little understanding of what goes on out there and over here, I on the other hand have , it's called "letting off steam", if anyone needs to get a sense of humour, it's you.

    Ok, you may be worried, but think about this, would you want your son out there for an extended tour and not have even ONE laugh at his superiors expense?

    Would you want one of these "responsible" guys/gals out there bottling it up until they did something really serious to let "off steam"?

    What a guy/gal does on duty and what he/she does off has no bearing on each other at this low level, 5 minutes fumbling at a lock is far better (and funnier) than aarsing about at work and making a hash of it to everyone elses detriment.

    Cut them some slack, if they've had a few beers, don't you think a harmless prank like this has a POSITIVE effect eh?

    I know you can't help being concerned, but you really do have the wrong end of the stick, our blokes/lasses out there and here ain't "Saints" and they ain't Puritans neither, so if you really care about you son, just think about this, without a laugh or two, just how tolerable would life out there/here be?

    I know for one, wherever you are and what you do, we are all part of the big machine that does the job, on tour or not as the case may be and whoever is involved deserves a laugh, this attitude carries on the world over in Armed forces everywhere and if it wasn't for that, the world would be a poorer place!

    Take a scewdriver , remove the front plate off the lock, put a 2p peice behind it and put the plate back on, Hey Presto! he'll have to use the "back door"....Oooooer!
  10. no more nails is a good one
  11. Bricking up the whole doorway whilst they're asleep is fun, although getting hold of some bricks after midnight when you've just staggered out of the NAAFI half cut, can be quite hard... :D
  12. What fancy dress did you go in Dale?

    Did you paint your c unt orange and go as a hollowed out pumpkin of mammoth proportions?
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Get a group together after you've taped the lock, and when he fumbles about trying to open the door, everyone jump out with balaclavas on and leather him with rolled up newspapers before leaping back into the darkness . . .
  14. Thank you Sir. I hope you don't mind but I intend to cut & Paste this to another forum where some toss3r is moaning about the armed forces skylarking instead of doing there job.

    Well said Sir and I wish you and your mates all the best on any tour you have to do.

    Don't let the b@st@rds grind you down
  15. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer