am i as C*nt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by uncle_ho, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. Hello bandits
    Tonight I had the unfortunate pleasure of having a few beers with with my bro-in-law
    his precious daughter wants to join up next year
    This guy is my g/f's bro in law .he is a lorry driver.
    I took him on the piss with me best mucker g who served with me in the recce plt
    He did nothing but belittle squaddies and give it a bid time civvy 'attitude' all night. He implied we are all thick and can't get proper jobbs.(unlike him who drives trucks). He was pretty insistant he didn't want his duaghter wasting her life and i quote 'ending her days on
    a park bench drinkinking cider'

    well enough was enough . I filled him in outside a chip shop in filton bristol. My mate who I sevred with In NI in the COP deciided to pi ss all over him while he was crawling on the floor like a big fat snotty freak.
    My missus has taken objection to this - big style. we are getting married in 3 weeks

    Am i being a c*nt ?
    I don't think so really,she (my missus) will come round and he can allways get his nose straightened

    I am pissed so scuse the spelling

    ps he is in my house now making a racket so, bandits I ahve no option but to go and bust his other nose

    I hate fat civvies

  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    ho -

    It's posts like this which fill me with hope for the Army and the UK :)

    Good drills all round :twisted:
  3. Don't forget to skiff next time.
  4. This is a prime example of the restraint exhibited by our squaddies. Not only did you take incoming from an identified civilian source but you waited until you moved from the poorly lighted drinking house. The light provided by the "chip shop" offered the excellent opportunity to clearly identify the suspect. On identification, knowing that the suspected gobshite was indeed unarmed, you detained the suspect with minimum force whilst holding and eating a bag of chips. It has to be noted at this point, understanding that the miscreant needed medical attention due to vinigar contamination of the eyes, you instructed your one medic on hand to administer first aid by providing liquid to dilute the corrosive acid on the face of your attacker.

    You are to be congratulated on a job well done.
  5. aye,
    and if he gets a monk on about it, and complains to the police you have written a nice confession :wink:

    so yes your cnut
  6. Nah mate, your not a c**t, he deserved it... :)
  7. The only thing that surprises me is that it was a chip shop and not a kebab place 8O
  8. Uncle.

    Good skills. The t@ obviously had it coming. Choose your drinking buds more carefully in future. I take it that your missus and his are sisters? If so then she should know the bobby anyway. I praise your restraint. And also the daughter should now have a good idea of what military life is all about. A good all round grounding. Well done.


    Need an update. If he was kicking of in your gaffe, I presume he got some more good news ?
  9. Well done. He deserved it and it coming to him, you and your friend demonstrated teamwork and utter reliability and trust in each other. I think that you should get an MBE or at least a 'good show'. Why didn't you and your mate spit roast his daughter afterwards ?
  10. Be careful, revenge is sweet. You have a wedding coming up, don't let him ruin it for you and your deputy manager. Get someone else to give him an 'attitude re-adjustment', pointing him to the error of his ways and warning him about taking any 'unauthorized' retribution.

    Well done though.
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Or better still - deck him just before the wedding starts so that he spends it in A&E, leaving you to enjoy the day.
  12. How long before the NOTW gets hold of a video then? hehe :)

    Good drills, sounds like he deserved it!
  13. Bloke was an obvious c**t and needed filling in, nice one fella next time curl one out in his fat civvy gob once you have knocked him out!.
  14. Particularly impressed with swamping on the C*nt. A pre-emptive strike may be required before your wedding to ensure at least a mobility kill on the threat.
  15. or just dont invite him... :roll: