Am I any good at all to the TA, I suspect not but....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Interested_Observer, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Ok, please don't rip me to shreds people.

    I'm in my 30's recovering from a back injury, I have good computing skills, I feel like doing my bit in some way or another.

    The back injury is heading for surgery.
    Stupid question time.

    A:) Have I left it too late too join the TA?

    B:) Is there any support role that would look at me with a previous back injury?

    Thanks for looking at this.
  2. A) No, max joining age is 43
    B) Possibly not, you have to pass a medical and if you need surgery then there may be an issue, but it doesn't harm in trying

    Everybody from sammy SAS to chief bottle washer has to be physically fit to start training
  3. Not too late but you need your back sorted. Phys is a big part of soldiering and they won't take you if you can't do the basics
  4. Thanks for the replies. Ok, I am working on the back just for quality of life issues if nothing else.

    When it's sorted I'll go looking for a unit.

    Thanks for helping out.
  5. With regards to your back, to serve in the TA you need to be able to walk 6 miles in 1.5hrs with at least 15kg on your back.
    If you want to deploy on ops then that becomes 8 miles in 2hrs.

    Do you think you could manage this once you’ve recovered?
  6. Goku, I hope so, I want to come back harder and fitter than I was when I got injured. But I will work on my physical condition, and do the best I can, regardless.
  7. From this April its 8 miles in 2 hours. to bring us in line with the regulars. The one army thing!
  8. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    I heard this from a PTI in another unit recently. I was previously unaware of any change for those not actually deploying. Is there a document that details this change?

    Would be handy when chaps start asking what's required for next year!


    edit to include the quote
  9. For the last fucking time:

    Show me where it says so turd breath.
  10. I thought it was 8 miles only upon deployment. 6miler now for your bounty instead of the previous 4.
  11. Do you mean your condition is worsening, so surgery will be needed in future?

    If so, as other posters have said, don't worry about the TA until your back is sorted.

    Also - although they might not like me saying this - in the Royal Auxiliary Air Force a back injury might be less of an issue, as they're not so keen on the physical stuff (RAF Regt excepted), so that could be an option to think about.

    Bonne chance
  12. msr

    msr LE

    Have you thought about becoming an Adult Instructor with the cadets?

  13. do they actually test you on this? the whole 6 miles?
  14. Yes, you have to do the whole 6 miles, it is a test as in a physical test, done yearly, not sure about the TA version, but Regs had bits to do at the end, such as 100mtr carry of man with weapon, 6ft jump in webbing and weapon, and climbing into the back of a bedford and CLIMBING, not jumping down and this was after a 8 miler.
  15. Got a pulse !!!! You're in !!!!!!!!!!!