Am I alone in finding Des Brownes earlobes strangely erotic?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armchair_jihad, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Been seeing a lot his pic recently and I cannot stop looking at his earlobes, they are exactly the same as those on a Sherpa wench I had a torrid time with in Nepal many moons ago, and now every time I see Des I get a certain tingling sensation in the nether regions.

    Any body else have this problem?
  2. I've never had this problem with Des Browne

    So you're very much alone. :omfg:
  3. [​IMG]

    This Des Brown?

    Are you mad?
  4. You're wierd! 8O
  5. I suppose somebody had to replace FT now she's finally fading into obscurity.
  6. Are you alone?

    I'm afraid to say, yes.
  7. Taxi for AJ!
  8. Oh so no, not in a billion years.

    Could use them to nail his head to a dod of wood, so you can drive over him in a tank or something similar. :D
  9. I could use them as a spare cover for my tennis racket I suppose.
  10. sink me teeth into his fecking windpipe maybe...but those ears would make good handles for holding whilst drowning the cnut.
  11. What are we goin to hear next? 'I get horny when I see Tony BLiars teeth'. For god's sake man, get a grip or keep it to your self!
  12. You too ?.
  13. Not me.... someone else
  14. God yes!!! I also want to ruffle that silver 'fro as I tongue his sharp pointy little nose... :)