Am I allowed to do the All Arms Commando Course?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by ZonalAppreciation, Nov 18, 2010.

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  1. Righto, I have read through the application process for the All Arms Commando Course and am desperate to get on it, but am unsure if I am able to. I am a Clerk, and dont serve with either of the Commando trained regiments in the Army so am having a little trouble getting on it because of this. I have expressed an interest in serving with 3 Cdo Bde aswell as getting a posting to 29 Cdo via the preferences section on JPA which would mean I am able to do the course but in my current job I have a significant period of time where I have been given the green light by my chain of command to go on the course - and with no sight of a posting until 2013 I would rather do it sooner than later. Ive spoken to a member of 29 who is unsure of how I can get on it until I get a posting to a Commando trained Regt. What I am asking of the massive brain filled members of Arrse is how the hell do I get on the course as quick as possible?
  2. Yes you are
  3. No your not
  4. yes you are,not.
  5. Whats the question ?
  6. I would imagine that in your position there may need to be a space available, get prepped though if you bag it, being an NCT with those breadheads probably isn't a very pleasant experience :)
  7. ZA, as you are not in a Cdo Unit your priority for getting on the course will be lower than a snakes belly.

    That said, you may still get a slot, so by all means apply. IIRC there is a Cdo Gunner Regt, a Cdo Engr Regt, a Rifles Bn and a Ord Coy in the Cdo Log Gp (at the very least). Thus you may apply to be posted to one of those units to provide your Clerky (sorry, Combat HR Spec) skills. I would imagine however that actually being in those units would not neccesarily help your chances... get posted to 29 (for example) and you are likely to be inline behind the non qual Gunners.

    Keep whacking in your apps, and be ready for a fast ball JI if someone drops out.
  8. Cheers Chocolate Frog, Ill just continue with the applications and see what happens I guess.
  9. I am hoping someone from 29 or from the other Commando Regiments could direct me further to the aformentioned question.....

    Also do their Regt take on other Capbadged persons for there build up training?
  10. Yes, they do take other capbadges for their beat up. But i refer you to the bit about gunners first. As a Clk it isn't essential you are daggered up. You could get in touch with the 29 Trg Wg for further info. 131 also do a beat up, and I'd imagine 5 Rifles do too.

    What question hasn't been answered?

    Yes, you can apply. You can do your AACC before or after posting to a Cdo unit. You can do it even if you NEVER get posted to a Cdo unit.

    You can get posted to Cdo unit as a clk, either before or after your AACC.

    However, I refer you to the bit about you being a low priority if you are not in a Cdo unit (it is not unheard of for slots to be given to those who are not in a Cdo draft).

    Apply. Apply and keep applying. If you don't you will definitly not get on the course.
  11. I knew someone from an infantry battalion (Guards) who did the course circa 1988/89.He kept badgering and pestering until they let him go to Lympstone and I know for a fact he never served with a Cdo unit. He missed out on the pre-course beat up that people usualy go on prior to the course, just went straight down from Caterham. According to him it was pretty hard but well within the reach of a regular infantryman. He got to wear his green lid for a day but didn't seem too bothered.
  12. An interesting tale Uncle Ho. In todays environment the AACC is still being attended by Soldiers/Sailors(yes)/Airmen who will never go to a Cdo Unit and are just badge collectors. This is holding up pers who could potentially serving with 3 Cdo Bde (This is now being somewhat addressed) and most courses now are70 plus (a lot a strain on the team and resources)

    OP. Phone up the SCTC Clerks branch advisor and have a chat about what is available and what you can offer. (YOU WILL be surprised)

    Final point, crack your phys and more importantly your wpn handling drills (The amount that attend the course mega fit and pooh at wpn handling is.....) it is not repeat not an easy course physically.

    It is a brilliant course though with some outstanding instructors. Bye bye

  13. Thanks Hairy, I would like to think my Weapon Handling drills are quite high for someone in my trade as I have attended the Skill at Arms course and am currently serving at an ATR which means I am using them a fair amount, but its best to keep on top of that kind of stuff.

    I understand that physically the course is massively demanding, and thanks for the heads up about phoning the SCTC Clerk - I suppose if you dont ask you dont get kind of thing.
  14. Know your knot????
  15. feck me, a clerk who does not know how to put his chit in.......