Am I a walt?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by booty_cadet, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. I've never claimed to be anything I'm not. Ever.

    I never say I'm army, marines, navy or air-force (though it's not hard to see why).

    But, I do go to cadets. And as a by-product I have quite alot of DPM kit floating about and issue kit as well. So the question is...using stuff like a DPM bergan, because its the only bag I've got, or using DPM trousers 'cos their comfy, on a civilian walk/hike, should I:
    a. Carry on, you're just been cheap
    b. Try to keep it to one item or so, so I don't look like a big timer
    c. Get my wallet out and get away from any doubts.

    Answers on a post-card. I think you'll have fun with this :roll:
  2. Booty Cadet....what instrument are you learning to play?
  3. mods can you delete this mong before i lose the will to live.
  4. I knew I should have went on the pi*s tonight........
  5. OK. Sorry everyone didn't realise that you'd get pissed off.

    And wet_blobby, do you have to ask. It's obviously an oboe.
  6. Booty, without sounding coarse read the thread, learn from it and don't wear your greens out on hikes unless with the cadets 'cos it just looks wrong.
  7. fcuk off and die you mong,mods send it to the arsse hole.
  8. Got it stabandswat. No offence taken.

    Mods if you want to send it to the arrsehole, delete, close it I won't mind at all.
  9. I think you really know the answer don't you?

    If you were feeling completely comfortable wearing army issue kit in a civilian capacity - you would'nt ask.

    So don't wear it.

    And good luck.
  10. Just wear plain green and you'll get away with the DPM bergan. You might even get mistaken for this chap: