Am I a Walt?

Waltish Behaviour- Am I a Walt?

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Serious now guys. This is not a wind up nor is it a Wah.

I'm a little concerned as I love the army etc etc. Did a bit in the regs after leaving school, PVR'd due to an injury (otherwise a MD was forthcoming). Joined the TA and couldn't commit to it properly due to work commitments. Re-joined last year and i have to say I have put on a lot of weight however I got through my medical no problem. Thing is... I keep getting injured whilst training and am losing confidence in my ability yet I love all things army. Sorry if this sounds stupid but I'm really worried I could be a Walt. I really want to be a success and go on OPs but think I either need to change my reg as they are more Inf based and join something less physical.

All replies and abuse welcome. Once again this it not a Wah or a wind up.
No, I think you're showing more enthusiasm and commitment than a lot of people and that's to be welcomed.
Why is it you keep getting injured mate? Think you need to re-evaluate your training schedule. When you say you have put some weight on how much is that? See your PTI and training team and talk things through with them.
I try and do my PFT three times a week and a 4 mile CFT with 25kg every week. It's only when I go away on recruit weekends that I seem to injure myself. Is it because I'm not pushing myself hard enough on my training? I weigh 22st and am 6ft. My PFT stands at 30 press ups, 22 sit ups and 18 minutes for the run. Terrible I know but they are better than they were when I started. I also go to the gym when I can and the weight is slowly going but to re-join the regs I need to be a max of 14st11lbs which is my target.
Have you got a trade? Transferring to a Specialist Unit may be your solution, especially if work keeps getting in the way. (once you've finished your recruit training).
K&G : I think that the weight's the problem. You're obviously pushing hard (and that's a good thing) but the weight needs to come off first. 22st / 6ft is obese I'm afraid (telling you something I know, I'm afraid) and you'll need to get that off before really pushing yourself. How's your nutrition?


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putteesinmyhands said:
Have you got a trade? Transferring to a Specialist Unit may be your solution, especially if work keeps getting in the way.
putteesinmyhands has got it right. Move to Specialist TA (if you can).

Additionally, get some advice on diet and PT - I would imagine your local gym can do this if your unit can't help. That way you can work on a structured/tailored PT programme and lose the lb in a more efficient way.

Also, if you keep injuring the same thing again and again, it may be worth resting on the PT and letting it heal (taking advice from a doc) and/or moving to a less arduous part of the TA.

There's no point pushing yourself if bits keep breaking!
yeah mate
sort out a diet-not a diet diet, a good eating plan for want of a better word
then just do running, its the best way to get the weight off
long distance stuff on grass (so it doesn't knakcer your knees) or in the gymn would probably work best
good luck mate!!!!
22st and 6ft.

There is a clue there.

The only weight to dimensional ratio of comparison is a pool table. Do you have a flat top and big ears?
all good advice, apart from my one about army chef, which was just a dig, nothing more....

there is an excellent book called "Fit for Life" all about a way of eating which involves "food combining" ie not eating certain things with other things, dont mix carbs with protein, eat both at different times.

If you like your tucker, its a great way to eat, and the other chaps are right, lots of running and bike work, wish you the best.
keenandgreen said:
I weigh 22st and am 6ft.
Well you've certainly got the right build to be a Walt.

Seriously though, at you level of obesity it's no wonder you get injured. Stop running, start focussing on non-weight bearing, lower impact activities like cycling, swimming and circuit training and eat a well balanced, calorie controlled diet until your BMI is within the acceptable level for your height. You might want to think about a support group like weight watchers.

Then think about training to be a soldier. The difference between being a Walt and a real soldier is the difference between fantasy and reality.

Your reality is that until the weight issue is sorted you're not going to get close to your goal.
Get down to weightwatchers, if you want to be a real soldier only you can achieve it. Get off the computer and get out running or down the gym. Not sure what unit you joined in the regulars (Pay Corp / ACC) but I feel you need to get a grip and toughen up.
Dont mean to offend but thats what its like at the sharp end.
Its the weight which is causing the problem you already lugging the equivalent of a set of cefo around before you put any wieght on
your back .Diet and non wieght bearing exercise swimming cycling cross trainer etc .Lots of advice out there .
Say goodbye to fast food and lager hello to water fruit and veg :( good luck.

Either that or start saving for windproof in xxxl and a old landy
Motivation, my friend, is the key, if you want it bad enough you'll make the necessary changes.
Work on the weight first and the rest will follow. Sounds a bit like your trying too hard at the wrong kind of stuff, your a big lad, so you could do with a bit of fat-burning exercise. cycling is good, and it'll save the knees.
Infantry is hard for guys your size, you could try RMC/REME anything like that, not saying you wont have to be fit, just not infantry fit thats all. Good luck Buddy.
Where are you based?

lose the lard before trying to run with kit or no kit
bye bye chips larger and burgers hello salad and mineral water no more crisps or chochalate either
I'm 6'3 and was 19 stone. I trained for a year before I even thought about joining the TA. Running three to four times a week building up to 3.5km on each run. The weight fell off and I'm now down to 15 stone with muscle replacing the old fat.
The phys not only helped with losing the weight but it mean't when I joined I had miles underr my belt to cope with the running you'll be doing on the CMS(R). I can do the mile and a half between 9.45 and 10.15 and I'm 33.

So just get your head down and get on with it, trust me at the beginning it does seem pointless but it isn't and you will notice a difference after about three weeks.
Good luck and feel free to PM me if you want any advice (by no means an expert) or support
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