Am I a Walt?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by ex_mudmechanic, Dec 21, 2009.

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  1. I'm fairly new to this forum, but I've been lurking long enough to know what kind of replies to expect to a question like that, and hopefully I'll be able to filter out the worst of the AI-bashing. For the record I was in the Regular Army for 10 years, which included four operational tours, one of which was a 2-way range. Not much by today’s standards but I left a long time ago.

    The reason for the question, I joined the ACF as an AI in September and County policy is not to issue AIs with uniform until immediately prior to their Induction course, which in my case is over four weekends starting in late Jan. For Remembrance Day we cobbled together enough uniform out of the stores so that I could march with the detachment. The only exception was there wasn't a beret to fit me so ever since I've been wearing my old Royal Engineers beret and stable belt. Clearly as far as the Corps is concerned I'm not entitled to wear it, but my motivation is genuine enough: I want to wear the same (well, similar) uniform as the cadets instead of teaching them drill (or whatever) whilst in civvies. To me that's just not right.

    Should I be thought of as a Walt? Does it look like I’m trying to big-time it in front of kids? Sure there are a few war stories, but if cadets ask questions you like to answer them, right? I’d appreciate your (constructive :D ) comments .
  2. If you are not claiming to be something you never were then, no walting in my book.
  3. No you're not a walt.

    Just a twat.
  4. Does having a sing along with the RCT in Cyprus count as a two-way range then? :?
  5. Nope. That was a different tour. You can fit a lot in 10 years.
  6. Sing along, more like drink along the RCT the professional pissheads of the army, feck knows how they all did not lose their licences :p
  7. No, not a Walt! :)
  8. Not a WALT unless your pretending to be a CIVVY now.......Remember Hotel California....once a Squaddie you can never leave :wink:
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Nope - you're ok, in my book and I think your motivation will get a thumbs up from the rest on this site (although Flash may abuse just for the sake of it :D )

    Welcome to Arrse!
  10. No your not
    Do your best and enjoy passing on your knowledge and ethics to the kids
  11. Definitely not - you have a conscience about wearing the uniform AND you are wearing it for a legitimate reason.

    It's great to know that there are people out there that give a s*** about recruiting and young people. The current mongs in Westminster haven't a scooby's,
  12. I didn't know the RCT were seen in that way. Well you'll be pleased to know we outsang them, outdrank them, and watched them get bollocked for it by their SSM the next morning!

    Seriously, I'm quite chuffed at the responses, cheers everyone. The only problem is, soon enough they're going to give me a Royal Anglian beret and then I won't even be a failed Walt!!
  13. check with your county. 6 years minimum service may entitle you to wear your old beret. It does in my neck of the wods.
  14. If you enjoyed your 10 years and were proud to serve as a Sapper (and wanting to maintain that link as opposed to rebadging R Anglian), I would just keep turning up in Sapper rig. Maybe write to your your CO asking permission and copy to DRE out of politeness.. At the end of the day they cant jail you and you are a still giving up your time to he;p the kids
  15. but why?

    you're not a sapper now. you're not in the Army now. you're an instructor in an ACF det.

    just because the ACF is sponsored by the Army, it doesn't mean ex-soldiers can start re-writing the rules to their liking.
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