Am I a tight git?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by trickywoo56, Dec 19, 2004.

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  1. In the process of booking a break for the wife and kids (5 and 3 yrs). Found a B&B in the Lakes for three nights from the 27th for £75 a night. Have I been abroad for so long that I should not be shocked at this?

    Methinks Colonial wife should bag a Schengen visa and we'll fly to Euroland ex Gatwick which is 5 mins away.

    Your views and summary abuse would be appreciated.

    08R EGKK
  2. Accommodation is ludicrously expensive in the UK, unless you can find some sort of special offer. If visiting the Lakes, you will also have to invest in a good deal of expensive technical outdoor clothing in order to go for coffee in Ambleside.

    Leaving the children in the car, whilst both economical and practical, will undoubtedly get you reported by some cheerless lefty.

    On a more practical note, it really does depend on where you are planning to stay in the Lakes. Staying away from the main tourist areas will be considerably cheaper; B&Bs on the outskirts of the South Lakes can be good value, and it's easy to get everywhere else.
  3. Thanks for your post, VB. We were indeed looking at A.side and then at Penrith. I didn't think of the south side. I'll have a look but I've got the impression that it's still going to be £2.50 a pint and chavarama after dark.

    On balance, I'll probably end up porting the wife to Germany for her first Euro trip. Cologne beckons once again and as a Saffer, she'll be at home with the lingo - unlike in Cumbria!

    Mr and Mrs Woo
  4. In re leaving the monkeys in the car - in Africa, we would always drive without seat belts and if the children weren't around, I was almost always over the limit. In the north, it was often necessary to drive on the other side in order to avoid a fellow pee-tank coming the other way.

    Reminds me of a conversation:

    C172, early doors, clear but gusting and just after take-off:

    "Tricky, you had a good time at the party last night. What happended to "bottle to throttle""?
    "Well, I only left about three hours ago but we'll be fine"
    "Yah, I know."
    "You mean you know when I left?"
    "Yah, man."
    "I came straight here from there. You stepped over me before leaving. Rianna's picking your kids up and dropping them off at the strip. We're bringing them back. Should be an interesting flight today."


    Top flight over the Drakensberg at about 50 feet agl. Happy days.
  5. Stayed a couple of nights in Blackpool a few months back, asked a mate to get some cheap digs for me and Mrs SK.

    No probs £50 for the two of us + Breakfast. Doom on me!

    The scene in the room was ..............Baby clothes bluetacked to the wall (without babies in) The worst decor you have ever seen in your life! Very Very Schitt accomadation. and cold and damp. It made Lane Block look like the Hilton :x No I didnt get my money back, Me and Mrs Skjold just got the feck out of there, soonest.

    The Westmoorlands Hotel/B+B Is completely crap. Do not stay there if your in Blackpool, not even if your life depends on it. Its sited near the big hotel that looks a castle, stay there instead its cheaper. My Grandad said it was the Bees Knees for his RA bash a few weeks later.

    £75 a night is a bit steep considering you can get £40 a night in a Travel lodge/inn + a Tescos Breakfast for £2.50 (if theres one nearby) But, if £75 a night is going to rekindle that moment of passion then I guess its worth it. :D

  6. i have stayed in Blackpool before, there are some good hotels, the usual going rate is £15 ish per person per night, near the Foxhall pub is better as its close to the action and not far away to gte back to and there is loads of BBs therefore more competition.

    on another note i generally find that it is cheaper to have a holiday abroad on a package deal £260 to £360 per person for 2 weeks in any sunny place.
    the best ever deal, i had was £276 which also included insurance in a 4* plus hotel in Fuengirola. no single supplement either 2 double bed to myself i could bring 3 girls back and have room for more :lol:
  7. I have a little house not far from Ulverston (not available to rent yet - unless you fancy a decorating holiday!), and my local has the excellent Coniston Brewery's Bluebird Bitter at £1.70/pint. Not sure of B&B/hotel prices but sure to be cheaper than Ambleside etc. I can recommend the Glass House restaurant in Ambleside - good food and no chavs.
  8. i like that Virobono.
    the last time i went up lake district it was up Scafell pike and we camped under the summit (free!) twice.
    windermere is full of japos, spanish and chavs and you couldn't move for all the people and the traffic
  9. £75 a night for yourself, Wife & 2 youngsters seems reasonable to me.
    Try London if you really want a shock 8O
  10. wellll in london there are cheap place, if you know where to look, i found a BB for £35 and thats quite cheap for london, also dorms is one places for ccheap nights if you dont mind the lack of privacy at £15 - £20 a night
  11. There's plenty of places that'll pay you to stay the night as well, if you brought a few of your 'young friends!'