Am I a racists?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ex-dvr, Jun 22, 2003.

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  1. I am watching the Tony Blair - on trial
    - my view and my view only. the audience, were they invited or paid for by CRE(Commission for Racial Equality).(alledgedly paid £10 to turn up to Racial meetings in Leicester)!!unsubstansiated except by own ears ???

    I am in doubt in myself, if I have become a racist? Why?
    about the equality in life in this nation of ours,
    as I am told over and over, it is "black and ethnic minority" but for this program(and others) they seemed to be a Majority.
    I thought I either liked or disliked somebody for who they are, not what or where they originated from or their colour etc.

    Discuss, (please prove me wrong)
  2. You are only a racist if you believe that being a certain colour makes you an inferior human being who should be treated in a way that is detremental compared with someone of another race, or your own.

    Being English, knowing your history, flying the St George Cross or Union Flag, wishing to preserve your heritage, and having a view on immigration do not make you a racists, even if the liberals want you to think so and feel guilty.

    We all have our prejudices, this is human nature and nothing you can do will prevent this from happening. That doesn't make it right, but equally it doesn't make it wrong unless you act on them in an unreasonable way.
  3. thanks Woopert.
    Just needed confirmation... But as you were not to know ..
    it should read Scot and St. andrews Cross ;D

    I don't react to my feelings that way.. thats how wars start, and I am getting too old, and feel I've done my share of that (wars) anyway..
  4. In that case you have nothing to fear, it is OK to fly the St Andrews Cross because there is some PC drivel to suggest that you were an opressed minority under the English, and therefore it is perfectly allowable in a way that flying the St George's Cross is never allowed in England!  :mad:

    Burn 'em for fookin fuel!
  5. Is it just me? I don't understand this thread.

    Ex-dvr - would you care to re-phrase... erm..... everything in your original post?
  6. Wirecutter -  it was my reactions to the way the audience (who were mostly of black or ethnic minority) reacted. Cheering, "enthusiastic applause etc,throughout the  prosecution of Tony Blair on trial program on Ch4 last night, and how I have seen on a much broader scale how "they" manage to pack out a lot meetings  in my locality, especially when the police or council are involved, but I never see them anyother time.
    I had been to a meeting in Leicester, and when I mentioned the amount of black and ethnic minorities in attendence, especially giving the Police spokesman a very hard time,was told that the local REC pay £10 per meeting attenders.
    So I was questioning my own belief
    stands up anymore, or have my views changed to being a racists?
    I am asking basically why are they in this country if they are that much against it? because I wouldn't live in a country if I didn't like the people/Government etc.

    As I have said before, I am not very good at the explaining from oral to written work :-[ should have went to school/ Mil education more ;)