Am i a racist ??????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sigstab, Aug 6, 2004.

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  1. I want a music station that plays music for/from white people and white people only!!!

    I can hear the moderator lacing up the size 9 cbh as we speak ready to plant it firmly up my 'arrse'

    Seriously though, the ultra left wing BBC( al jazeera ) using our license fee to have an asian music station and a black music station not to mention the MOBO awards.
    Granted there are many black and asian license fee payers but why do we have to create music stations geared toward a certain section of our communities?????
    Instead add up the cost of setting up and maintaining these stations and take the amount off our license fee...
    Did anyone else notice the reporting the BBC carried out during Gulf2???
    I found my self asking "who's side are you on"
    Liberal lefty Tw*ts..... :x :x
  2. It has always been something of a mystery to me how 'racism' can apparently be so one sided in this country. I keep reading about things such as:

    The Association of Black Police Officers, The Association of Black Lawyers, The Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Music Awards etc etc.

    If any of these were replicated using the word "white" then there would be uproar.

    I abhor the idea of any racism; but the playing field should be a level one.

  3. The radio stations dont exclude white people from listening to them, they are just an outlet for cultural expression maybe along the same lines as classic fm etc. :?
  4. So no Motown, Bowie,( he uses black musicians ), Beatles ( black roots in their early work ) etc etc

    Because they are sections of our communities. They pay a license fee which is exactly the same as yours - assuming you pay.

    Right, so if the ethnic minorities wanted a reduction in their license fee because most of the UK is white, you would agree, then?

    While we are at it, how can we ensure that we dont get any black or Asian blood donated to the transfusion service? Get rid of coloured policemen so that we can have reduced rates! Kick the Pakis out when they hit 65 so we dont have to pay their pensions! No darkies in the Army, so we can have an Aryan Super Staffel and no unemployment!!!

    In answer to your question: yes, you are a racist.

    Incidentally, and I would not expect a Scaley to know this, you can always change channel on both TV AND radio.
  5. A vailid point Cait.
    But i have yet to hear anything on classic fm that would suggest killing or harming blacks/asians.
    Unlike some of the sickening lyrics that are churned out by some of the black rappers expressing their culture.
    Are the hardcore 'Gangsta' rappers that appear on these stations actually expressing their culture or promoting their anti-white feelings???? :x :x
  6. You are moving away from the question you raised.
  7. I can see where you are coming from mate.

    What you are witnessing is Political Correctness whereby local government or certain organisations takes steps to apease/cater for minority groups at the expense of the majority of the population.

    Now I am for catering for all tastes but not at the expense of the majority or whereby there is an inherent unfairness in representation or expression.

    This concept of PC has been highjacked by Left wing appeasers who are trying so hard to atone for the sins we carried out in our past as an Empire. This in itself is dangerous as it isolates and angers the majority of the indigenous population and gives rise to true racist overtones and the emergence of right wing political parties.

    Catering for all tastes by providing individual race/religion amenities, is it the way? IMHO, no. It gives rise to feelings of isolation for that area of society and does not integrate them into society as a whole or allow them to feel British. So what is the way forward?

    Answers on a postcard to www.whoknows?
  8. Bravo,
    Climb down from your morally high machine gun nest, no one is looking.
    The point i am getting at is that while i and everone else pays a license fee (and if we dont we could end up in jail) why should a significant part of that fee go to funding music stations which have promoted so called artists that spout out anti white lyrics?
  9. Like I said, you are changing the subject.

    You asked if you are a Racist.

    You are.
  10. Is it the marching season again? 8O
  11. That'a not really the point. It's all in the title and whether that would be acceptable the other way round; I suspect not.

    As to the police - white applicants might do OK up until the interview stage where they might be found out. :oops:
  12. Dui Lai,
    Thank you. Thats my point.
    Wrong is wrong and it will never get any better when people like bravo see the words white and asian in the same sentence and run around shouting racist,racist, racist alert!!!!!!
  13. How does this apply to a music award and a radio station that are free to all to listen to and do not promote racist attitudes. Yes they might cater for a minority but they are there for all if they want to use/view/listen/appreciate. Its cultural expression not racist discrimination... isnt it?
    Whats unfair about it? At what expense? What are we all frightened of? What is British?
  14. Sorry, Scaley.

    I dont know why I thought this was racist.

    Apart from the fact it obviously is, you fool.