Am I a Prostitute?

Is Mr Badger a Whore?

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Dear All,

Our unit has introduced the wonderful scheme of signing on a separate paysheet to claim for PT conducted during the week. I.e. If you've done PT, sign it and get an extra 1/4 days pay... nice one.

Now, the other week, i'd not been to the gym as i usually do, on account of spending 3 hours in bed with Mrs TopBadger doing a bit of horizontal jogging (with tea breaks, obviously, 3 hours is a long time for a Badger!). But an extra 1/4 days pay isn't to be passed up lightly, so I ran this form of exercise past my unit PTI and he couldn't find any fault with it, so the sheet was signed.

I mentioned this to Mrs TopBadger, who said that as i'm being paid to have sex, this makes me a prosititute (Well, a Giggalo technically).

So... Am I?

When's your BFT? Badger Fucking Test?

How many heaves and push-ups do you need to pass?

Good work! (And yes, you are a whore!) :hump:

Does your PTI have suggested sexercise workout, i.e. do this position for 5 mins as I it works on your quads. Also whats the suggested work down?

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