Am I a moaning wife (Baggage) regards Blandford Camp?

:evil: This is my first thought of the day, been reading this site since everyone was told not to! so here we are married to a tech upgrader, so I thought that I would air my opinions (i'm definitely not a nagging wife).
This sunray chap, is he single? surely this guy has far too much time on his hands? I know we are in the army and we are all meant to comply, and thats why our husbands joined up in the first place. However, and I mean however, there are far more important things going on in life at present than a poxy beret shape surely? Am I being unreasonable. I'm open to constructive criticism.
This life doesn't come with a rule book. I'm struggling to understand what as a wife what I am meant to do right.
I'm there, supporting my husband, and he's being told use twisters rather than ties.......what a relief that is to me. Surely that means he won't die if he gets sent to war now.
Postings.....Where the FCUK (be nice if we had an army discount in this store) however, and I would like to say this, where is the rule book that says that you can only wear leggings and egg stained t.shirts if you are an army wife and you can only be heard if you have pushed out at least 2 brats? I didn't know that in this life you could only have an opinion if you have stretch marks.
Welcome to my world. I'm independent. Have a career. Have my own money. House, income etc. However, I fell in love with a member of the armed forces. Unfortunately based in Blandford.
I thought I had my eyes wide open as I said 'I Do' I knew what I was getting myself involved with.
I didn't however, take into account the power crazed - small man syndrome - silly stupid men, that hold my hard working respectable husband's life in his hands.
It makes me so mad that this power crazed individual holds the key to my husbands career. What a complete pratt. I pay about 700 pounds a month in taxes.......this pays for this pillock to think about the shape of a beret. A beret which incidentally has been the same, causing no problems for bloody centuries.
That makes me feel really safe. This bloke actually is meant to be protecting my country. Hmmmmmmm. Not I think.

are they........
my husband is up to his eyes in rubbish from his course and firstly we don't know where or even when we are being posted. Secondly, we have been told that possibly we may end up in a holding posting...what the holy hell is that. Surely my husband has just worked really hard at his course and deserves a little better than that, thirdly, i'm described as baggage and I have to make sure that we are able to move within four days! How the hell do you move a husband, house and life in that many days?
Lets be honest girls, a period lasts more than 5 days. How the hell do you change your life in 4?
Lets discuss SUNRAY: By calling him this, I am not at any point insinuating that the sun shines out of any part of him.
I would like to ask the question - has this man ever actually done anything for our country? Does this man instill confidence in our husbands and the single lads.
All the lads that this man (I use this term loosely so please excuse this) commands all joined up because they wanted to serve their country and they wanted to do the right thing, they joined for all the right reasons and they are the ones that are taking the old beliefs into the 21st century. Some of these lads fathers were also in the army and can you imagine the shame that these guys feel, when they have to speak to their parents and tell them the direction that the british army is moving in.
This is a personal message to sunray if he is reading this. Forget Pony Club and forget the private schools for your posh kids, forget drinking your champayne with one finger cocked, forget all your false airs and graces and incidentally, you don't and won't ever know me but I do actually have better breeding than you, but forget all of that. You have these lads lives in your hands. Accept the responsibilities that has been given to you. Accept the challenge that has been bestowed on you. Accept this great honour that you have in leading these lads and be bloody grateful for the oportunity and rise to the challenge.
Don't let us down please.
All comments gratefully received.
Apologies for some of the spelling mistakes.
Coolpants, good first rant. Welcome to ARRSE.
Thank you. Although I would appreciate some feed back, bad or good, I'm a big girl (not fat) and I can handle it. Actually to be fair, we are a collective so feed back is needed so we know if there are others out there that feel the same or whether we need to just shut up and get on with making the dinner.
So let me get this straight,

You hubbie is coming home all stressed becuase he was picked up for his beret and twisters and in turn he has bounced you around your MQ becuase of it??


Coolpants you have some good points but you need a little perspective. Your hubbie regardless of his pedigree is in a training establishment which is a pain in the arrse. Come back when he is a stripey as an instructor and you will find the place is completely different.

As for your concerns about a holding troop I agree you girls get messed about enough at the whims of MCM but there is no real solution. Unfortunatley your hubbies trade group is in a state of flux at the mo so there will be problems.

Forget about Mr Sunray your ranting about other peoples rants which have been blown a little out of context and trust me in that he will have very little dealing over hubbies career. Mr MCM presses all the buttons.

Why dont you speak with your local AFF Rep, I can give you her name and number if you require it.

Mrs Disco tends to rant just like you and I have the bruises to prove it.

Try not to focus on petty side issues (like twisters!) it belittles your position.

Welcome to Arrse :)
I do actually have better breeding than you,
Oh, reaaally?

forget drinking your champayne with one finger cocked
I think not. Get your Ron Hills on love, and stop trying to emulate your betters.

Oh, and by the way, COs don't just pop out of a box - believe it or not they have to work quite hard to get there, and by no means everyone makes the grade. However much of a tool this guy is, I hardly think he needs advice on how to run his unit - yes, you heard me, his unit - from a whinging wife with an axe to grind.

So trouser twists and beret shapes are niff naff and trivia? So you think he's getting worked up over nothing? What would make the whole problem go away? Hmm, I wonder, what would stop all the pointless bumpf dead in the water. Oh, hang on, that's it - if you all acted like soldiers and did as you were bloody well told.
Coolplant - excellent post!!

You have hit the nail on the head - our beloved officers are not focussed on the fact this is a technical corps and not a place for trivia. I spend far to much time pis"ing around and not working on technical issues. The T1 should be an enjoyable course with loads of learning, but as usual they add a bullshit layer :evil:

Just look forward to your next garrison posting and enjoy your leggings, big t-shirt, kids, swearing at the bus-stop and just off the crappy council estate attitude to life!

:wink: :wink:
Any newcomer to this site must wonder what is going on at Blandford, all I can say is that thank god I'm not in the Royal Corps.

An interesting and articulate post, however look at it from 'Sunray's ' perspective. Firstly, to define all Officers as champagne fueled Hooray Henrys is immature and emotive. This individual will have been on Operational tours in all probability and done just as much for his/her country as the moaners. Thing is, you don't know just how much BS the Sunray has to deal with, I'll wager that you don't know how much he/ she is shielding you from.

If the Sunray is a coplete t*sser, well ....unlucky, get over it.

On the berets, does anyone really think that senior officers enjoy wasting time on this? Judging from the flat cap discussions on this site, it has clearly got out of hand and is silly. Soldiers with my mob also sport oddly shaped berets, my perspective is that it is trivial ( and IMHO makes the wearer look stupid) but ... whatever pushes your button. If the Blandford headshed is concentrating on beret shape a. it has gone too far and/or b. there is another less obvious motivation for it.

You mention 'small man syndrome' - could this not be the result of frustration that every order given is seen as an opportunity for debate? Can you imagine the frustration the Sunray feels because he/she has to micro manage everything?

Your post suggests your own sense of frustration - that you have better 'breeding' than Sunray, a person given to pretentions of the Pony Club and champagne. So you have a house and an independant career - good for you, but it does not make you unique in the modern world. As you said, YOU marrried into the Army and YOU knew that it has a rank structure. what did you expect - everyone sitting around sipping frapacinos discussing things? You are also no doubt hearing this second hand from Mr Coolpants - as an independant career woman, don't you think this a little danagerous? Would you act on second hand opinion in your own job?

I may be drawing a long bow here, but I'll bet Sunray hates going into work cos every order has to be minutely supervised and constantly overmanaged. Bet Sunray has to work extra hours just to make sure the simple things happen. Having to defend against treasury cuts, equal opportunity nightmares, rubbish accomodation, mountains of compliance, health and safety, investigations, oversee a complex course curriculum etc, etc, etc. Believe me, soldiers wearing berets that make them look like cartoon characters will not be a major crisis for Sunray, just a minor irritation that was dealt with by issuing a simple order, but as usual that order has to be micromanaged because the Blandford debating society don't like it.

Coolpants, there is always more than one side of the story and you don't seem to have made any deep analysis of the situation, yet you infer that you are somehow superior to Sunray - frankly, your post does not support that.

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