Am I a former arms bearer, arms carrier, weapons bearer or weapons carrier?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Red001, Sep 23, 2010.

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  1. Something of a discussion going on at my place of work. We need a term that will cover everyone who totes a weapon, other than common-or-garden criminals.

    In other words:

    - Armed forces
    - Police
    - Militias
    - Insurgents
    - Security
    - Mercenaries

    We currently use a range of terms, including the above four, and I'd like us to standardize.

    Any input as to what terms are in general use would be helpful, as would any arguments for or against any particular term.

  2. You forgot legal gun owners on your list
  3. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Shooters, tooters and looters, baby.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yeash - what about civvies with guns eh? There's fookin millions of us, despite a certain retard at Hythe suggesting to one of the shooting club secretaries that civvy shooters where 'on the fringe of society'. The man in charge of that range shall remain nameless.

    Here's my suggestions:

    'Fringers', 'Firearms Users', 'Gunnists', 'Shooters', 'Shootists', 'Taxi Drivers'.
  5. I'd say take away the plural, make it 'weapon bearers'. 'Arms bearer' makes it sound like a medieval servant, and 'weapons carrier' sounds like a vehicle.
  6. Bear armer.

    Tooling up furry forest creatures since 1791.
  7. You can't have one title to cover everyone who 'legally' can carry a weapon.

    The bloke with his .22 for lamping isn't 'bearing arms', as that i feel refers to the armed forces/police only, it is a privelege to bear arms in the defence of our country type spiel.

    Weapon owner would refer to anyone who uses a weapon for personal use, or in any civilian occupation requiring the use of a rifle/shotgun etc
  8. Other. I am a "gentleman" and as such am entitled to bear "arms".

    Edited to add: I am also a bit of a **** so quite likely to use them too...
  9. I have hairy arms.
  10. Sounds good. I'll suggest it to my CoC.
  11. We tend to focus on people who walk around all tooled-up on a regular basis, and who may feel called upon to shoot other people as part of their job/to further their cause. Those who get a hard-on from polishing their, err, weapons or from providing the likes of me with venison are not part of our remit, thank goodness.
  12. Thanks. That's another of the serious contenders. Didn't put it on the original list because it was long enough already. But we may well go for that one. Even if I do prefer udipur's suggestion.
  13. Now there's an idea. We could just call them *****. We currently have a Unit for Relations with Civil Society, so I guess we could just call this other one the Unit for Relations with *****. Recruiting for it would be a doddle.
  14. Not sure we want to get Sgt Slingsby involved in this.
  15. I tend to use them for supplying me with tasty venison, yummy pigeons, scrumptious pheasants, delicious rabbit and sweet, sweet partridges...however I am quite prepared to switch targets to home intruders, diddicoys and disturbers of my inner peace.