Am I A Fake?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ExRAMC_STAB, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. I was in the TA and RMR briefly in 1989-1992 and was one of the (very few at that time) TA members who deployed on GRANBY where as a trained soldier (<2 months out of trade training when mobilised) I was in Riyadh with 205, the GenEvac hospital (mainly doing guard duty and tentage ... true CMT skills).

    Prior to that I'd been an RAF recruit - but failed to finish training.

    Am I a "fake" and if so should I be here (here=ARRSE)?
  2. Only you know the answer to that one, though I suspect you may have a few opinions incoming.
  3. Beat me to it. Only you know if your a WALT and by the sounds of what you say then NO as long as you dont go town in DPM (sandy colour if on Granby) and tell everyone your ex SAS/PARA smashed through a window at the IRANIAN embassy and won a VC. Anyone who has been in the forces is definately entitled to be on here even if it was only for a month and your not trying to sell stories on E-BAY aswell as kit.

    Welcome, even though a snake :D
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I would say that as you have served, and did it before it was fashionable in the TA, then you are entitled to be here. You lose points for RAF, but redeem some for seeing the light.
  5. This is just a forum for discussing all forms of military, political, history and lots of other miscellaneous matters.

    If you've got something valid then feel free to express yourself.

    Noone will resent you for expressing an opinion unless it lacks substance or truth.

    Just be prepared for some incoming if you get it wrong.
  6. My mate is a short arrsed gwar and he comes on here, though he does get slated for talking complete sh1t.
  7. I am jealous. Back then many from TA Inf wanted to go, but places were limited to BCR slots in other regiments and those places were highly prized and involved doing what I think was called an "s" type, which mean 12-24 months and leaving civ job etc.

    Just out of interest, if you failed to get into the RAF, but succeeded in getting into RMR, what's the scoop?

    You must have even more unit ties than I do, although mine are almagmation in-army transfer
  8. Ex-RAMC_STAB, I read your letter in this month's 'Pig'... and it made me cry. Yes, I think you really are a fake. 8O
  9. It was a mobilisation of volunteer elements of a TA general hospital (details at

    The "scoop" on RAF to RMR was very simple. I failed to do sufficiently well in training in the RAF (regular) so left and when I'd done GRANBY and wanted something else to do I went off to the RMR to train with them. Failed to complete training there too, due to injury.
  10. I'd argue recruitment and retention figures suggest it isn't the fashion.

  11. I didn't think you needed to have even served, thought this was just for people interested in all things army. I suppose there must be a cliqué somewhere who will claim you can only contribute if you done 22yrs man and boy but every forum has its knobs.

    If you've worn a uniform and collected a medal then I would imagine your views are as valid as anyones on army matters.
  12. You ARE a stab... therefore.... :D:D