Am I a Cynic?

Reading this makes me wonder why the government have decided to do something now.

They've known about the problems, inequalities and injustices associated with the UK's one-sided extradition "treaty" with the USA for some time and yet nothing was done when the extradition of the 3 bankers in the Enronn case was requested.

Now, the extradition of a guy known to have created a website raising funds for terrorism and calling for acts of terrorism (using an ISP based in USA) has been requested and the House of Commons goes into emergency debate to see whether the treaty is fair.

I'm sure this is just coincidence but the cynic in me doubts it.
Nah, they've just twigged that the Natwest Three get put on a plane tomorrow and want to be seen handing down an 11th hour pardon. Nothing like a bit of urgency to get the Commons moving at the pace of an arthritic ant with heavy shopping.

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