Am I a complete Cnut...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Airborne_Aircrew, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. ... or just a stupid Cnut for thinking that the constant media attention given to Michael Phelps over here in the USA being the "worlds greatest athlete" is bullsh1t and that this years gold medal decathlete is, as usual, the best athlete in the world...

    I dunno, but anyone who can win so many medals in swimming seems to imply that swimming isn't all that "different"...

    So, have a go... and remember... I'm RAF Regiment too... "Big three" and all that... 8) Am I a Cnut?*

    * Please try to stay on subject. Points will be given for:-

    1. Agreeing with me
    2. Disagreeing in an imaginative fashion
    3. Somehow connecting this thread to The Snail's sex life
    4. Proving that Flashy is, in fact, Micheal Phelps and deserves hero worship status
    5. Convincing my wife that the group sex session with 49 Para I have planned is her "dream date"
  2. firstly i would like to agree with you.
    I'd like to also suggest the the snail also does the 'butterfly' exceedingly well, although this is usually just fat ripples, resulting due to someone slapping her arse.
    Have you ever imagined, and not in any homoerotic manner, flashy in speedo's and a swimming cap, with freakish physical aspects? If one does I am informed he looks strikingly similiar to phelps.
    On the other hand your argument has the coherence and sincerity of a babboon's anus spurting diarrhoea.

    (for your last request i'll require your missuses photo and number)
  3. Apparently as in the real world numbers count, QED Browning auto-shotguns are superior to say Purdey, or Holland & Holland. Numbers can't lie, must be true. Your pudendaphobia is illfounded.
  4. Aircrew (you haven't done P Coy, therefore not AB), you're just a tw*t that the rest of us laugh at as being a wannabe walt. No further discussion needed, jumping out does not make you "airborne" and you will continue to be the tw*t that we already know you are.

    Big 3 :) I always thought that the failed Paras (that obviously wanted instead to live in a can full of seamen) called marines were lucky to associate themselves with the Paras, so the RAF Reg get about as much "SF" kudos as the Dental Corps.

    RAF Regiment, WHY? If you wanted to be a soldier, then join the gang where real soldiers hang out, I.E., the Army. Not up to it? RM or RAF Regt then.
  5. The Olympic commissioner has gone on the record saying that Ben Ainslie (Brit Sailor) is at least as good as Phelps but is unable to win as many golds due to the constraints of his chosen discipline.

    That and sailing's all down to skill rather than a handy combination of skill with being a total genetic freak.
  6. So... So far, Trick is in the lead because he agreed with me, Carcass is following in close second, Still 21 is in third because I'm still trying to work out where he stands and Aunty Stella is having a problem staying on topic putting her last... :D
  7. This is Arrse you know, thread diversion a speciality.
  8. Oh, I completely agree. :D
  9. Snookered!!

  10. Classic that will take sum beating! BRING IT ON!! oops was I shouting?
  11. HaHa just had a few beers have we? :wink:

    edited because of having had a few bears
  12. Big three? Big three what? Having totally missed the point of this thread I shall latch on to the fact that The Rocks feel that they are somehow relevant. Not that I'm an expert in this field, I just fix stuff and get paid loads. The local Rock Flight are quite nice though, once per year they train me to don my S10 with the filter outermost and with the window things in front of my eyes, in the afternoon they help me to understand that the noisy end of the A2 should be pointed in the general direction of "away" and if at all possible, in the specific direction of those nasty cardboard targets.

    Anyway, having conducted a straw poll with those in the household who are awake (me) I can summarise that:
    34% have heard of Michael Phelps
    42% care
    78% have been swimming
    2% are in 49 para
    7% of those above would be happy to pleasure your 2i/c "up the Gary"

    EDIT: Shortly before pressing the "Submit" button the penny dropped. The Big Three! It all falls into place- Every WAAF has shagged A/ an RAF Copper B/ a rock (sloppy seconds) and C/ a fireman.

    Actually it should be the "Big Four." To fully qualify as a WAAF it is essential to knob a PTI.

    In the spirit of your original post I claim nil points as laid out in 1 to 5, I have to be content with 40th place behind Belgium.
  13. I am going to hit you with a very large stick.

    Try it.
  14. I simply say COCK