Am I a black hearted scoundrel?

Sunday morning and my tribe is running around trying to motivate me to get of my arrse and take them out somewhere for the day.

Anyway I occasionally browse another forum as there is some job related stuff on there (pprune) when I found this little gem of a post.

Forum Link

Now I’m not a heartless fatherless and a little bit of me says the poster may be taking the urine for a laugh, but he has posted about a few of his mutts dying and there are a whole bunch of posts offering sympathies and condolences!

I especially like some of his choice of words:

“Then he was like the Woodentops dog (Spot? - I forget), paws out in front, barking lustily with his whole bum wagging in the air”

“Ludo had been badly mistreated and suffered some brain damage, and he was one weird dog! Couldn't stand being walked so he was happy just sleeping or nuzzling up for a rub”

I’m almost tempted to sign up to the pprune forums to leave my opinions but have managed to resist the temptation so far. Maybe this afternoon after a few drinks though?

Now am I black hearted scoundrel ‘cos I consider the death of a couple of mutts as pretty irrelevant in the big scheme of things or do people really get all loved up with animals that they offer sympathy to some stranger they have never met before whose two mong dogs kicked the bowl?
Nah mate.
when they have charity appeals for animals, my wife KNOWS that soon enough I will mention "the starving people of the World".
Plus it is human nature to see the lighter side of certain misfortunes that befall others.
Had a lovely dog once, prize winning pedigree Husky great dog he was old and got bitten by a snake, spent weeks on vet bills and care for him poor thing, couldnt bear to see him in pain anymore and all the vet care wasnt working so took him out to the fields and put a bullet in the back of his skull, died instantly , loved that dog too, does this make me a black hearted scoundrel??
i ran over a rabbit the other day in the car, the wife said "oh what was that" and i said a rabbit that was not quick enough.. she then started to cry and called me emotionally detached.. i just thought i had to clean the wheel well of the car?? does that make me heartless
nope on my way to view our wedding venue a rabbit ran out in front of me then stopped in the middle of the road. i sweved slightly to avoid it when it then carried on running straight under my car. i said " fuck me it must have been suicidal" fiancee called me heartless and was in a foul mood all the rest of the day till having meal with my mother who she told the story to, was put off by the gales of laughter my mother erupted into. thought she had an ally.
relating to death and pets heres a gem that happened yesterday.

I have a very stupid cocker spaniel who will attempt to eat anything but is normally baffled by everything.
In my garden is a huge tree which birds nest in.
I was in the living room and noticed him giving an unusual amount of attention to a tipped over plant pot...its a woodpigeon chick (but almost adult). He wasnt hurting it but seemed very confused as what it was.

I picked it up and it wasnt frightened, I put it on the table hoping it would fly away, it didnt. I picked it up again and "released it", it flew about 10 metres and then started to fall. my dog in a flash leaps at it in mid-flight and whacks it to the garden fence...he then proceeds to rip the chick to pieces in a rather gory manner and then attempts to eat the whole thing with large bloody crunches. I didnt think eating a bird would be his best idea so I attempted to take it off him (but he has bloody strong jaws). I retrieved all but the head and its guts from the little sod.

I didnt expect him to do that- he's too stupid but he's been proud of himself since (and despite refering to him as "murderer" sort of proud of him myself). He didnt feel sorry for the lost little chick (he just saw a free meal) and neither did I. Am I a black hearted scoundrel for finding the situation hilarious even after carrying the mangled and chewed remains of my dogs "prey" to the bin with my bare hands?

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