Am I a bit old?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Nutter, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. As my briefing date gets closer and I keep reading these forums, I am wondering is my age a bit high. Assuming I get straight through AOSB and take the earliest start date for sandhurst I will be 25. Everyone else sounds like they are quite a bit younger.

    Just a thought. Sorry if it seems a bit bone, I can remember when I went to my interview it was all full of 17 year olds and the man running it said you are a bit the wrong side of 20 for most things.
  2. Depends on how many hip replacements you've had!
  3. No. You have to be under 29 when you start - with age comes life experience.
  4. And soft tissue degradation...
  5. My mate passed his AOSB in April at 25 and is looking to start Sandhurst Jan 2011 so will just be shy of 26 and as far as I know he's not been warned off any trades. Best thing to do is ask your recruitment office. Good luck.
  6. I will be heading to Sandhurst in September at 28. If you are good enough, you are good enough.
  7. To try and link into another couple of ongoing threads. There is no problem with going to RMAS in your mid to late 20s and you will not suffer as an OCdt vis a vis your younger peers. Nor will you have any difficulty with the demands of Pl Comd. It is only when you are then looking at moving up the ladder that you will realise that the ladder above you has been lifted out of your reach and that you then have to accept that those who joined younger are the ones who are moving onwards and upwards. It is nothing to do with quality but just about the basic fact that within the military you have to tick a large number of boxes before moving onwards and upwards. When you join late then you have less flexibility to tick these boxes.

    If you are after some excitement and the privilege of commanding soldiers then you can join as late as RMAS will allow (29 I think) and you will have great fun. If you do want to end up as a Type A Bde Comd or CGS then you are unlikely to get that far. Take your pick and good luck.

  8. Check your pms....
  9. Old? Hell no!

    I've just been accepted to RMC Duntroon as a Staff Cadet, and I'll turn 42 this year. I believe the ceiling age down here is 53 or 54.