Alzheimers and alcohol

You forgot eggs. They're killers, according to Eggwina Currie.

I'll get my coat...

Yes, I'd forgotten about that Major-shagging whore. She was responsible for getting eggs banned in the staff canteen where I used to enjoy a second breakfast before starting work. She looked like an anvil with lipstick on.
And in other news
Coffee is a health food
Chocolate kills you
5 a day is bollox
Coffee is bad
BBQ food gives you cancer
Red wine is healthy
And so it goes on, tossers all of em
I wrote a while back about some bloke who'd gone through 5 years of DailyWail and DailyExcess reports, and found that about 99% of the 'good for you/bad for you' reports had contradicted themselves.
Choccie good/bad
Red Wine good/bad
Eggs good/bad.

Anyways, what the fcuk are you chaps all doing in my living room?

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