alzeimers or parkinsons

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by desmond, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Which if you had a choice would you prefer
    spilling half your beer or forgetting where you put it.
    Iam going offline for an hour sojourn to the pub. in the interim discuss
    will return soon probably to find I have been flamed.Probably.
    PS remember this is a naffi bar
  2. Could be worse. If you had both, you'd spill your beer but forget why.
  3. Or maybe you could forget that you'd bought a beer, then spill someone else's beer, and then forget why you'd started a fight.
  4. And when you have both, you become a Member of Parliament! .. :wink:
  5. if it's a vote I go with spilling . . . .

    . . . . . . . aaahhh fcuk it,

    swamped again
  6. Alzeimers all the way, the reason is simple, that's new pussy every night!!!
  7. just to reiterate no repeats on tele and you meet new friends everyday
  8. Alzheimers, definitely.

    You would never remember your round - free beer!
    Forget to go to the toilet - no blame swamping!
    Plus the fact that everything would seem really new and exciting and you wouldn't be able to remember what you last said when pished, so the possibilities of repeating yourself have got to decrease. AND you wouldn't remember what your pished mates had said so you wouldn't want to stab them when they told you again for the fiftieth time!

    Parkinsons is for losers!
  9. Is this Amazon?

    Did I post this?
  10. post what?
  11. But could you imagine the w@nks you could give yourself with Parkinsons?
  12. I regularly do both anyway, should I see a doctor?
  13. Parkinson's , definitely. You know how your wrist eventually starts to ache while 'entertaining' lady friends? Well, no more!

    And think of the cocktails you could mix.
  14. yesterday, i had a 500ml bottle of westons perry in spoons (i know i should be boycotting it!!!) and spilled half - cue piss stain appearance - lost would be better.

    ah the goog old days of "minesweeping", a time forever lost.

  15. neither i'd top myself in early stages/