Always look on the bright Side

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by WasMe, Oct 20, 2003.

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  1. I have just joined ARRSE and everyone is knocking everything!!!!!!

    Surely there are some good points within the RAMC Et Al??

  2. Er yes, of course there are some good points about the RAMC. Let me think..................


    I give up.
  3. Yes let's have some positive stuff for a change instead of all the slagging off and moaning, and scoring points off each other. What is good about the AMS today? I can't say it was perfect in my day, but there were lots of good times that people who have never been in the AMS would maybe never understand. Do you still have illicit parties in the accommodation blocks after the Naafi or mess has closed? And does matron still get drunk on QA Corps day? Does the CO still get drunk in the rugby club and join in with all the mucky songs, perfectly executing all the actions? Perhaps those of you still serving would like to spill the beans
  4. I have had a fantatic time serving in the RAMC, Hmmm well actually come to think about it, all the fantastic times were when I was detatched to other Arms or Service.

    I can fully concur that the RAMC are like manure... spread it around and it does some good.... put it all in one place and all you have is a pile of Sh**!!

    Arduis Fidelis

    4 years & counting...

    ps Hope they don't change the current rules on retirement, I would rather pull my toe nails out with blunt pliers than serve beyond 22 years!
  5. OK OK.......I tried!!!!!!!!!!

    We have all had crap times but we have also had great times!!!!!!!!

    I do concur with the comment of serving with other arms and I must admit that it was better than a medical unit! BUT, we were doing our job then weren't we??

    As for the CO and matron comment...............NO!!!!!!!! Sad innit??
  6. We are just a bunch of moaning old has-beens, well I know Theatreman is anyway. I'm still lovin it....
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Nice thread Fozzie, I wonder if you are the Fozzie we know and love (In a manly, bloke sort of way of course).

    I've had some fantastic times over 20 odd years, in the Fd Ambs, being set fire too and thrown out of windows and barred from the cookhouse for 3 months. The Ash Vale, the E Series, the 3 hills, $hitty Harden house, 37 Pat webbing, Basingstoke canal, Senny strip, Mandalay ranges, GW1, Friday boot runs, Black Bob, Alexandre House, wooden spiders, Purple Warrior, Norway, Voss, the corner cafe, lightweights, Mk5 helmet, Lion Suns....... The list is endless!

    Glad it's over, but I would do it all again, if I had my time over again!

    If a soldier isn't moaning you know something is wrong, well that was the addage 5 years ago. Now the powers that be don't want wingers and problems they want solutions.
  8. Ahhhhhh yes its me!!!! Spooky that i am still alive really!

    See, we all knock it but we all love it...........visit any British Legion and they will tell you what we will be saying in 20 yesrs time!

    Remember 'Look in the bright will all be over soon'
  9. ahh, the good old days, ive had an absolute ball during my 'couple' of years, the old military hospitals were the entertainment capitals of the world, loads of drinking, chicks, sport, non stop acting daft.
    none of that now, the kids all want to go home to mummy at the weekends and sit in their rooms playing on their X-Box in the evenings.
  10. Times are changing. As most postings are now UK based the feeling of 'unit' is rapidly vanishing. Many old boys here remeber how it was in BAOR in the 80's where unit life circled around the bar and everyone saw each other 7 days a week. Nowadays there is an increasing 'self' culture being generated. This isn't something I invented by the way. I work in the education sector with psycologists and chief educators and it is a growing problem. It is a direct consequnce and continuence of the 'me, me, me' culture which is now turning to 'I, I, I' whereby people not only want everything for themselves but are now no longer willing to share it, or the experience of whatever 'it' is. It is a sutting away and shutting out of the world around them.
    Not really compatable with a military life is it?
  11. The RAMC is now pish.

    partly due to the calibre of individual we enlist into our auspicious corps and partly because the work hard n play hard ethos has gone. more operational commitments and less manpower means less time for sport and joviality.

    on my ever decreasing sausage patrols nowerdays i find fewer and fewer of our 'grey' breatheren that are 'worth a squirt'.

    but they still all 'love it up them'
  12. no, lets offer everyone whos served less than say, 5 years, as a sacrifice to the devil in return for going back to the good old days. All playstations etc..found in the then empty rooms, will be donated to the children of Iraq in an attempt to pacify the country so we can withdraw which will in turn stop all the boring 'im in Iraq and its hot' threads. course its hot, its got a desert and everyones been there or will have been by the end of the year, stop being tedious.
  13. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    So you wouldnt say it was the leftie tree huggers who ahve banned rugby, team sports and such like within the education setup then?
  14. are missing the point of this topic.


    lets face it, we can't go back to the 80s', we can't get out of the desert, we can't sue Sony for making the crows stay in their room or railtrack for taking them home.

    Look around the Pro' Qual', RAMC and QARANC forums and everything is wrong.

    We don't do a lot for our money (compared with civvis), we don't get sacked by text, we have a rather good life really. Our problem is that we tell everyone who will listen that is is a bad life and we should be telling them it's not a bad life, but it could be better!

    If we look around the AMS now we have lots of LSL, NRPS, FTRS etc (not forgetting the TFIs and commissioning from the other bits of the Army), so things can't be that bad inside the AMS!
  15. On the bright side.... I just found out that my couple of years as a J/Leader will now count towards my pension when the new scheme comes out... Yippeeeeee!!!

    Also on the bright side, in my ever ageing years I still find that I have ample opportunity to play rugby in the AMS, albeit a fair bit slower than I used to...