Always in the News

Hello to all.

I am am a regular poster on other Mil sites but for the first time, I felt that I must post on Arsse.

I am an ex RAF regular and currently live and work in Germany. I am lucky that, even though I do not live or work near any UK Mil bases, I have access to the UK daily papers, on time so that I can keep up with current affairs. Not least the goings on of the UK politico scenario or David Beckhams next offsprings ridiculous name, but moreso the activities of the UK Armed Forces throughout the world.

Every day, I read stories of our Army sevicemen and women who serve in the troublespots around the world. (as well as ex RAF colleagues).

I also read the reports of servicemen and women who now routinely die in service and in action on what now seems a daily basis.

This first post is really to offer my respect to those who are serving in and out of the most recent and past theatres, to those who have been injured and to the families who have lost loved ones.

To the families and the wider Army community who have lost people close to them, I want you to know that every day I am saddened by another life lost.

My heart goes out to the families of who soldiers have been lost, but even more to the soldiers who recently died in the Helmland Province.

Like I said, It's always in the news.

The civvies may not understand the conflicts that our forces are involved in, but the serving and ex mil certainly do.

I don't know if this is the right place to post this but I hope so.

Good luck to all of our soldiers and regards to their families.

Keep up the good work and remember that you are in the forefront of many minds and lives.


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