Always at this time of year

The irony is that his DFSM is a perfectly respectable medal for fifteen years service. He's just totally lost it and is nothing more than a big timing walty cnut with delusions of mongness. Quite sad.

Unfortunately, there is no UK equivalent of the (rather tremendous) ANZMI site. ARRSE is about as good as it gets for Walt-outing. The Land Down Under does seem to have more than its fair share of these chods, who seem to opt for a specific style of flagrant walting, rather than the low key approach favoured by the UK pub walt and his tales of balcony parties at the Tasmanian Embassy with Johnny 'Three Bollocks' and Fiji Bob et al.
This is the kind of thing that the UK needs. A site that will oust and expose all of the delusioned Walt's that plague the British society (WO1SlashPeak)

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