Always A marine

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Always A Marine by Steven Preece

I found this to be an interesting read, as this guy faces all kinds of hardships and challenges trying to change from a serviceman into a normal everyday citizen. He struggles with controlling his aggression and also with preventing himself from venting it on others. I believed this to be about a state of mind. i.e. even though he leaves the service, mentally he's still in. I suppose some may have problems with this type of adaption.

Not a bad read by any means.

Your disguise was working well until then.

Hi Steve..... How is Your Para pal.
StevenPreece said:
I've just spotted this and must tell you, you're wrong with this one lads.

If it was me who posted that, I would have added this:

Never mind lads. be cool. :D

Stevie love,
I could have saved you a lot of heartache over the years if we had of been oppo's, years at Condor mashed my head as well, I find solace in making Ms Reni stand in the corner with a lampshade on her head whilst I tw*t her bare arrse with an ironing board for an hour when ever I feel the the rage coming on, works a treat, try it....!
Oh look it's Steeve again...

How many times are you going to pull this crap Steve, old buddy?

Still not ponying up the advertising fees to the site to promote your book?

A book which by the way is the stuff urban legends are made of. Going to come gunning for me Steve because I don't like your book? Or is this the new and improved you as you mentioned in previous posts (after post after post)

Still creating IDs to promote your books Steve?,21642.0.html

Your books are written for the hormonal kid that hasn't figured out Ghost Recon isn't a game. You are a sad, sad fcuker Steve.

Remember this Steve?
YOU TEDIOUS CNUT I'm embarassed that you are ex royal
Oh Christ, not this bloke.

Got bought BOTH his books (including the one with the US Marine on the front-thanks Aunty Cath) both really terrible. Badly written, exculpatory dog toffee.
Here's a moment of clarity for you, as Damascene as that chilly November day 'moment'-you were a punchy gobshite....who joined the Marines....then you left. You detract from all the genuine cases of PTSD since now everyone will assume 'its the military, it does that to them' rather than offer any support. And it was'nt it was you with your crying arse 'they made me a machine' rubbish.

Get over it.

And dont forget to buy my latest tome 'Man and Goy-40 years as a jewish range warden. In Benbecula.' I'll be plugging it under various assumed names on a website near you....
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