Alvis Stalwart water entry procedure

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Speedy, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. I saw a loon do the samething at Portland once
  2. okay, this was pretty awesome. doubtful if it's safe, but fun to watch.
  3. It actually went all the way below the surface. Incredible. :D

    Loved this video on the same page, and the comment - "That's gonna leave a mark" :lol:
    The ironic thing is that pulling a wheely with the torque from trying to gun it up the hill is what pushed him back over.
  4. hope he had his seatbelt and helmet on!
  5. Did he try to cross the channel afterwards?
  6. 'Kin 'ell! I never dared do anything like that! Although did get rather wet a time or two...
  7. I've had all six in the air many a time,but never into water.Jumping a stolly off the side of a hill at the Goldgrund training area in Paders.Even broke the pod rail mounting bolts going across Soltau,but that was driving normally.We even used to have reverse driving races in the ammo points on Hohne.
  8. Yeah right! :roll: It was really because you were driving at night across the area without lights and wearing your blue tinted shades!!! :D
  9. I had no probs at night with the "blue tints".......thank you :D .
  10. Didn't realise that "Stollies" could fly!!!!!
  11. '74 -'77 I was an Instructor on Stolly and FV432 in APC Wing at ASoT,Bordon. Don't remember teaching that entry method. Good to watch, though.