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Hi all

I just failed my second attempt and am not 25 yet. I am going to persist though and am thinking of joining in as a soldier. I am not holding out for being an Officer any more. It would be nice to know if one still has a sliver of a chance somewhere in the future of being recommended by the Commanding Officer if he/she sees it fit to do so and being given a shot at DE from within the ranks. Are there any precedents?


Yeah, you can be recommended for commissioning either whilst in training or in a unit. There are plenty of precedents. A former CO of mine started his Army career as an apprentice at Chepstow. He then went to 26 Engr Regt, got up to acting Sgt and got commissioned. He then ended up as CO of 26 Engr Regt. The only thing that is against you is age, you need to get moving if you want a chance at a DE commission from the ranks.
I knew a full screw in the Signals who was commissioned but then he had not been turned down twice before so I'm not sure if they would give you another chance.

The Army used to run a Potential Officers Development Course at Worthy Down for soldiers aspiring for a commission, I thoroughly enjoyed the course then joined the RAF as an officer! You may want to investigate this option.
Right. Here is the problem. Am a commonwealth national and not eligible for RAF and RN Officer route. Failed twice at Westbury AOSB and am slightly persistent and don't like being smacked in the face with a letter that says 'fail'. So I am still quite keen on a commission but am not going to let it be a factor when I am joining up as a grunt. It would be awesome if anyone could tell me of a precedent where a chap failed the Main Board twice, joined up as a grunt and then got recommended to the AOSB again by their CO.

Fcuck. I want it that much!
Probably depends if they turned you down saying 'come back later when you've been for a few runs and had a read of a newspaper' or 'you're a dangerous lunatic and should never be allowed to be an officer under any circumstances'. I understand they have a slightly more tactful way of saying that.
Go Soldier and if you have the right qualities later on in your career you should get an LE commission, if you don't have the qualities now being a Soldier may enhace the areas your lacking. You will also understand the mentality of the average Tom and be able to get him to do what he would not do ordinarily.

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