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Alternatives to NERO

what format are you converting them to?

I would use VLC as a player (been threaded a few days b4)


Book Reviewer
for backing up dvd's, dvdshrink. for cd's, as has been said, clone cd.


Agreed, used these for a while and never had a problem.

VLC Media Player works well and hasn't crashed or failed to run a DVD so far.
It seems to use less resources than MPlayer and loads faster.
I found Nero fiddly and with functions I don't use.

Clone CD ("Backup your music, data or navigation CDs with the famous CloneCD - regardless if they are copy protected or not")

Other CD Burners are here (in their opinion) http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/the-best-free-alternatives-to-nero-cddvd-burner/

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