Alternatives to Make a Wish foundation?

My Google isn't working and I wondered if I could pick the collective minds of fellow ARRSE'rs?

To cut a long story short, my youngest son has severe Cerebral Palsy (all limbs) and is blind. He is because of his problems 'life limited'.

We were referred to make a wish foundation by various people (consultants, hospices etc)

Rowan is unable to make his own wish so we asked if he could go to Disney in Florida so that we as a family could have some extra special memories of him after he has passed on. This has been refused by make a wish due to their insurance company refusing to insure the wee one for travel outside of the UK.

I contacted make a wish and asked for clarification as I have worldwide travel insurance through my bank that also covers Rowan but alas this is no good as it has to be their insurance and they wont discuss it any further.

Does anyone know of any other charities out there that do a similar job to Make a Wish? If so, could you please point me in their direction?

Many Thanks

Many thanks, ill have a look. Failing that, ill have to sell the other kid to fund it!!

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