alternatives to hexi

Discussion in 'ACF' started by massivegeoff, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. as they don't issue teabags anymore and i'm sick off cleaning crud off the underside of messtins i was thinking of getting a little gas stove.

    any recos? i hear the jet boil isn't what it's cracked up to be. basically i'm looking for a system that will all fit into either mess tins OR a camp kettle/pot that will go into a utility pouch.

    cheers. :D
  2. Cold food?

    Edit to add a little bit of water and some grass and your Mess Tins will be shiney new in minutes few. You just want a new toy don't you?
  3. You can buy them you know!
  4. Coleman Stove - Metal 58 Pattern mug is for winners.


    Carry Hexy as a back up (and for nostalgic evenings watching Hexy TV)
  5. join the grownups and start thinking a whole lot bigger..


    oh and almost forgot....... one of these to help out

  6. Hexy back up old boy!
  7. How about you do the smart thing - get hold of an ammo box (of the metal variety), get out your ETH, dig a small hole, fill box with water, fill hole with hexi, then cook everyone's meal at once. Then, as you cooked, get someone else to clean the box.

    All the cool kids do it.
  8. There is little fellow MSR multifuel
    Primus multifuel This thing handles gas cartridges as well as the more exciting fuels like petrol and Aviation fuel
  9. Neither will cadets, so probably not an issue. Primus make a very compact pocket rocket stove, but you'd be best getting a metal mug or digging it in as putting a mess tin on top of it would be very unstable.
  10. Well said that man!
  11. Nothing beats hexi for dipping in peanut butter (or choccy) and throwing to 3rd world children in African shtholes. Best thrown from the top of a moving AFV.
  12. done the chocolate one and is funny as. wasn't to 3rd world kids though, this was just to our drunk muckers!
  13. Also recommended is the boily riot.. Launch a handful of those into a crowd and watch the scraps begin!
  14. I once had a regular primus gas cooker that attached to a regular gas canistor. It did the job. I now use a jetboil though. Its nerve racking to turn on because it seems like its going to explode, but after that it is excellent :D.