Alternative top trumps

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by johnnyonthespot, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. How about alternative top trumps? Rather than detailing different regiments/branches of the army, you could have them based on previous and current enemies of the british army

    For example: SS Panzer Division would be something along the lines of:-

    Armament 10/10

    Committment 10/10

    Sense of humour 0/10 (they were German remember!)

    Or another example might be Zulu's in southern africa:-

    Armanent 2/10 (just spears and bits of fruit as I understand it)

    Commitment 9/10 (they had a fu#king good go)

    Numbers in force 10/10 (there were millions of them)

    Get the idea.......?

    JOTS :lol: :wink: :lol:
  2. The French Army
    Commitment - minus 10/10
    Armament - 10/10, all spanking new, never used
    Uniforms - 10/10, all that gold braid and bright colours
  3. Nice one.....Not to throw my own thread off course but I probably will, I wonder if supposed closer links between Sarkozi (if thats how you spell it?)the German boss (cant remeber his/her name) and Monsieur Bush will mean more French or German army bidding the Taliban a happy 'Bonjour' or 'Guten tag' in southern afghanistan and getting a bit of dust on their gold brade (or ledder hausen)......

    Anyway......Taliban might be........Commitment 10/10

    Armament 5/10

    Progressive free thinking 0/10

    Ability to knock up a chapati on a hot rock somewhere 10/10 :wink:
  4. Sikh Khalsa

    Armament: 10/10 same as or better than ours
    Commitment: 7/10 the boys dun good, but the leadership threw a cross.
    Sense of humour: minus several thousand - they got their jollies slitting up the wounded.
    Catering: Plus several thousand. Second best curry cooks ever to serve the Crown.