Alternative to the smelly helly

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by crabby, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. I am a great great believer in the qualities of the smelly helly and owe a lot to my thermal top. It may not have been a life-saver, but it kept me a damn sight warmer than a soaking norgie...

    Anyway, there are some problems with smelly hellys. The smell, obviously. Ok for a day or possibly two, after that you smell like an open sewer and sometimes it just won't go even after washing. Only a small problem, but still.

    The other is the way that it reacts if there's any kind of fire nearby; namely melting straight into/onto your skin.

    Anyway, the alternative I've found is

    I own a couple of bits and they're amazing; they're as good as any thermal or semi-thermal stuff I've bought from blacks/millets, they're only marginally more expensive and they're environmentally friendly, smell less and feel better most of the time. Also the company is possibly the best company I've ever had the pleasure to deal with.
    Oh, and the socks make great liners.

    They do short and long sleeve in black as well as other colours.

    I recommend if you're looking for a bit of an alternative
  2. But the ultimate question is, do they make you look as ally as a Helly?
  3. Sure it's kit that noone else has (ally?) they do it in some of the right colours and you don't have those silly white triangles running down the arm.

  4. Well, if no other fcuker has them that's ally enough for me!
  5. Howies, a company similar to your Bamboo one, does an all=merino wool base layer.


    I can testify to it's warmth, and it has the added bonus of not smelling like a Helly Hansen. Thoroughly recommend.
  6. Merino wool, like the Howies stuff or Icebreaker or Smartwool are excellent - very good on performance and they don't smell!

    Another option is Brynje underwear. USMC in Portsmouth sell it - it looks like string underwear, but is on issue to the Norweigian army. They sell it in different weights and do versions such as a roll neck. Worth a look.
  7. yea but no but yea
    Brynje also smell like a sess pool.
    Try to get hold of a wool brynje, it is the dogs danglies.
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