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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Guy123, Sep 19, 2011.

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  1. Quick one guys/girls

    I have only got a small area with some hills that I use to train with a bergan by simply walking up and down, but its not exactly tabbing practice. If I wanted to get better at tabbing I'd probably have to use the roads around my area and seeing as they are tight country lanes with lunatic drivers, I'm hesitant to do so.

    Does anyone know of any good exercise routines that are good substitutes for tabbing? any muscle groups I should work in the gym

    Any suggestions?

    And before some smart gump says it, yes, I'm well aware 'there is no real substitute to the real thing' bla bla bla, but I'm sure there must be something else that works similar muscle groups?

    Also, when I was at P-Coy, I had extremely severe pains in the small of my back as we were going up and down the land of nod, to the point that I had to stop. But after a quick stretch and rest it went away (it wasn't just tiredness, I mean it was severe pain, as if something was about to tear). I'm assuming this was muscle pain/cramping, has anyone ever had this before? Anyone know any good exercises to get rid of it? I was using a long back bergan and I'm only 5ft9in - My RQMS told me to **** off when I asked for a smaller one before going to Catterick.

    I've now bought my own but I'm yet to use it on a decent Tab so not sure whether the pain will come back or not.
  2. I've tried short back bergans and they seem to rub more , so I prefer long backs
  3. Will your gym allow you to wear bergan and boots on their treadmills? That would be my first suggestion.

    If the pain was eased by stretching, it would indicate the pain was muscular. Perhaps with weight on your back you arch your back awkwardly fighting against the effect of the weight on your shoulders. I dont know what to advise regarding a remedy but taking that into account, consider your posture when carrying weight.
  4. Step machines are very good, there are a few variations, but they work different muscles and the main muscle groups used in tabbing, but in a different way.
  5. H3

    H3 LE

    Get in your car and find a better area to train in ...... simples !
  6. I never bothered training with a bergen aside from what we did under instruction. Strong legs and a strong core to help support the weight you are carrying (all of those press ups and sit ups seem to make more sense now!). If you have got hills near you then I would suggest using them and doing hill reps, plus a press up and sit up circuit. Make sure you are stretching well too.

    Also I recall seeing some blokes training in the gym on the step machine with a bergen on.
  7. Short term: Similar to what they do on the area at depot, just find a 'loop' thats a couple of hundred meters and tab up the steep section, double along then down to the start point and repeat to failure.

    Long term: Every weekend or other weekend, drive to a decent training area and plot a hard route.

    Some people say cycling whilst wearing a weighted daysack helps (stand up cycling - dont park your arse on the seat), as does using the step machine. Perosnally i agree with the "theres no substitute for....." and as you shouldnt really be tabbing too often with weight anyway (dont want to encourage injury) id just stick to a 10 miler at weekends, when you can drive to a decent training area.

    As for the bergan, yeah a short back is better for some but its trial and error. Im a short arse at 5ft 9ins and the long back does me fine. I also used to get an agonsising lower back and shins, but founf they just eased over the course of several months as my body got more accustomed to tabbing.
  8. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    If you have tight country lanes, do you not also have country rights of way and footpaths?

    Print a 25000 map off streetmap and go tabbing with map-reading for free.
  9. Weighted vest and a tread mill set to a gradient ?
  10. My alternative is going to the pub.
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