Alternative to SPSS 17

As the Title states can anyone recommend a pragmatic alternative option to this type of analysis software, I know 18 has been released but unable to obtain copy for a few months, in the meantime I'm seeking a viable other source

Any reply/feedback on past experience and end user welcome

SSPS is a free version of the software. Did my University work on it and I found it pretty stable. Only the presentation of results and export functions are a bit primitive.
I've seen the demo of the software which looks good and agree stable, I'm just aiming to cover all other options available to me before collecting the data as some 'maybe' non-compatible or conflicting & give poor results.

Turk said:
What kind of data are you looking to analyse and to what level?
At a brief glance: survey's and interview questionnaires, case studies, unable to state subject due to persec

MSc level

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