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alternative to penalties

Whilst catching up with some old ale quaffing bods we came upon a warped idea that slowly developed into the solution for the ongoing dispute as to the penalty shootout.

at completion ogf full time all player that recieved a yellow card during the game are removed from play for the extra time periods.

the 4th official has 2 bingo ball type pickers with the remaining players numbers in

every 5 mins, 1 ball is picked from both machines, the corresponding player is then removed from the match,

at the end of the 30 mins extra time, play continues until someone scores.

Whilst the "professional" footballers might object as they may have to produce the goods for more than 120 mins a game, this would surely make the extra time more exciting and increaase the local thirst quenching establishments profits.

alternatively random players are issued with a large stick and 6 inch nails for use as they see fit.
I always thought that lobbing an extra ball on every 5 minutes might make things (fractionally) more exciting, particularly after 15 or 20 minutes of extra penance (sorry, time).

Or then again, perhaps Webb-Ellis had the right idea all along, and jsut pick the ruddy thing up....


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