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Does anybody know where I can find a decent alternative to the issued shoes that come with FAD? Preferably with leather soles and 'tappets' (or can be fitted with).
Having just been issued FAD and at a unit that plans to make us wear it in the near future I would prefer to turn up to work in footwear that doesn't resemble a pair of correction shoes.
Isnt the whole point of FAD to dress everybody the same. soldiers and orrifers. I think the shoes are here to stay. would you wear lowas with your ginger marching suit?
Sorry, seem to misunderstand me.
The issued shoes are absolutely shite, they are cheaply made and uncomfortable to wear. Unusual for issued footwear I know.
I'm looking for an alternative pair, that look the same, but are made of better quality materials to make my life better. Look at it as choosing to buy a pair of Altbergs instead of wearing the issued boots. Lowa's for REMFs if you like.
If you're willing to spend a little more, then google pediwear- they sell plenty of shoes in that sort of style, and are normally fairly inexpensive compared to the prices that other retailers offer for the same product. Personally, I'd recommend sanders and sanders; I'm pretty sure that they provide shoes for no.2 dress to O/Cdts at RMAS.


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I was slightly surprised to attend a function recently where a couple of young guardsmen turned up in FAD wearing matt black shoes. Given that they were guardsmen and otherwise extremely well turned out I assumed that matt black must be the new bull.

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