alternative to hexy?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dizzy_blonde, Jul 24, 2005.

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  1. I'm buying some ods and sods off guchi kit and was think about some sort of cooker

    Now we all know that hexy is dirty and smelly but it is free and does the job its designed for

    Gas cookers are okay but then you have to think about new canisters

    I was toying with the idea of one of those Swedish army trangia cookers
    Not the big round one's I already have one of those , but instead the ones that crop up on ebay from time to time

    Any thoughts , ideally small light cheap and disposable , are there still gel cookers out there ?

    blondy :)
  2. you could try the coleman multi fuel, mine never let me down when I needed a brew.lightweight and fits in a utility pouch with its pan.
  3. I normally use this one:
    If used with a hexy cooker it is best when poured in a small basin.
  4. Remember folks, if you take a multi fuel stove overseas you need to make sure it is vented for a minimum of 48 hours before you board an A/C and it'd help to have a signed letter from someone in authority (GEF bay in the case of the RAF) to say its no longer DAC, otherwise those helpful white cap wearing tw@ts will take it off you at the airhead.

    Also, those lovely handy gas canisters (which I reckon should be standard issue) aren't allowed on A/C at all, unless you could find someone who is DG qualified to package and sign them off as DG in limited quantities (which can be conveyed on a pax A/C), but as DG needs to be declared separately from pax they may arrive on a different A/C.
  5. you can get gel cookers, look on and it will give some links for 20 quid you gwt a metal mug a cooker and some gel packs, good for OPs and th like
  6. If you can find some friendly yanks, blag some of those MRE cookers where you just add water. One shot wonders, but work nicely in a pinch, and will just about heat one of our boil in the bags. Good for really shitty exercises as a back up when you just can't be arrsed. Won't do much for your brews though :)
  7. Good advice Zoid... but we should be asking a key question........WTF is wrong with hexy???? it's a light weight, free cooker that no-one ever runs out of fuel with (unless you are having a ging-gang-gooly with yer mates) Yes, it smells a bit, Yes it leaves your tins black (I hate tea, but always chuck a bag in the last bit of hot water as it cleans the black stuff off a treat). The Yanks apparently rate our 24 hr rats quite highly......apparently
  8. #

    I use greenheat gel myself but would be interested in firestar

    Is it just available in "northern krautland " ?
  9. Actually Firestar is swiss made by Swissmar. It is also sold as "swiss fire gel" oder gelled fuel for fondue cookers.
    Should be available at camping or kitchen & houseware stores.

    Hope this helps.
  10. Concur with mm82. The Coleman Peak 1 or multifuel....fits in it's own cooking pot unit and can brew up in a jiffy.

    Only downside of the lose that face to face contact with local kids, seeing their little faces contorting in horror as they spit out the hexy block and start chucking things at you as you drive off into the distance. Serve the little tw@ts right for begging.
  11. Ah, those hexy block and cam cream "chocolate biscuits" that the Bosnian kids loved so much.
  12. "hexi-death" caught when brewing up in the bottom of a trench!
  13. Try some of the MRE (Mountain Rescue Equipment) stuff. Should be available at most stores. I've had a "Whispalite" multi-fuel cooker for yonks now and it's the mutt's nuts. Fold it together and slip it inside your beret, along with the windbreaker. You'll need a SIGG bottle too, but it's not a problem to transport them empty and fill them in theatre. Brew-up for four in just over three minutes. I sh1t you not!
  14. Hexy is great. I love the fumes it gives off. Makes the exercise seem like a beautiful dream