Alternative to GCSE maths

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Juicy-fruit-is-tasty, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys,

    In a earlier post someone said that as an alternative to GCSE maths, you could instead be accepted with a certificate in adult numeracy. The reason I ask is because maths is the only thing holding me back, I have taken a resit and the results come back in january but would like to know my options if it went tits up. So does anyone know firstly if this is the case? Secondly what level would I have to sit? Finally, does anyone have any experience with this, by that I mean, got to Sandhurst with this and not the GCSE?

    Thanks for any help guys.
  2. Well Prince Harry didn't have the educational requirements but they let him in anyway. But for us sh!tmunchers I don't know...Westbury would know, however, so maybe ask them? Contact details on the army website, I'd imagine.
    Good luck.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    What other quals do you have and at what grade?

  4. Well in my experience it doesn't matter what other qualifications you have, if you don't tick all of their boxes...I myself had A-levels, a degree, easily enough GCSE's but a D in French when I needed a C. So I had to do an evening class in GCSE French.
    But the question Juice Fruit asked is best answered by Westbury.
  5. Cheers for the replies lads,

    I have 11 GCSEs 2As 5Bs 3Cs and a D in maths. BCD at A Level, and most likely a 2:1 in Business- waiting on results. If my memory serves me right, I spoke to a recruiter on the army website, and he said as the business degree is mainly maths based they may take that into account. Hopefully there will be no need to worry and come january, I will have a C. But do you think that this would suffice or if it does go crap, its best to do it again?
  6. Well, I'm only a layman so I wouldn't know...How far through the application process are you? Have you spoken with the ACA Colonel yet? It's very easy to arrange and no strings, basically just a sit down chat with a full colonel about the application process, what to expect and a little chat about the British Army. So, for accurate answer arrange one and see what he says (which you must do to get to AOSB anyway) or, which will be quicker, give westbury a call and see what they think. Possibly they'll make an allowance, possibly not, though I'm afriaid people here will be unlikely to give you a definate answer as it's at Westbury's descretion!
    Good luck again though matey.
  7. PhD in Mathematics or Physics should work nicely as a substitute.
  8. GCSE Mathematics – Grades A* - C
    GCSE English Literature – Grades A* - C Standard Grade Mathematics – Credit
    AQA GCSE General Studies – Grades A* - C Mathematics – Intermediate 2
    Standard Grade English – Credit Mathematics – Higher
    English and Communication – Intermediate 2 Mathematics – Advanced Higher
    English and Communication – Higher Applied Mathematics – Advanced Higher
    English – Advanced Higher Leaving Certificate Maths (Higher Level) Grade
    A1 – C2
    Leaving Certificate English (Higher Level) Grade A1
    – C2
    Leaving Certificate Maths (Ordinary Level) Grade
    A1 – B3
    Leaving Certificate English (Ordinary Level) Grade
    A1 – B3
    Key Skills (Application of Number) Test Pass or
    Full Qualification Levels 2 - 5
    Key Skills (Communication Skills) Test Pass or Full
    Qualification Levels 2 - 5
    GCE AS Use of Mathematics Grade A - E
    GCE A Level English Language Grade A - E GCE A Level Mathematics Grade A - E
    GCE A Level English Literature Grade A - E GCE A Level Pure Mathematics Grade A - E
    GCE English Language and Literature Grade A - E GCE A Level Further Mathematics Grade A - E
    GCE AS Level English Language Grade A - E GCE A Level Statistics Grade A - E
    GCE AS Level English Literature Grade A - E GCE AS Level Mathematics Grade A - E
    GCE AS Level English Language and Literature
    Grade A - E
    GCE AS Level Pure Mathematics Grade A - E
    ESOL Level 2 GCE AS Level Further Mathematics Grade A - E
    GCE AS Level Statistics Grade A - E
    GCE AS Mechanics Grade A - E
    GCE AS Discrete Mathematics Grade A - E
    GCE AS Applied Mathematics Grade A - E

    These are from the handbook showing equiv'cies for Maths and English for Lv 2 (GCSE A-C)
    Hope that helps
  9. I went to Briefing in November and can categorically tell you that you will need to have maths GCSE grade C or above. I came away with a Cat 2 - Q. My group Captain said I was a clear Cat 1, however the board decision was that you must meet the minimum educational requirements (unless you're Prince Harry). I got a D in maths and that was 10 years ago. I am shitting it at the thought of going through that hell again.

    I was told that it must be GCSE and that some other thing like Numeracy or Key Skills '...just won't do'.

    Unfortunately for me I can't resit until June which has delayed my plans somewhat.

    Thanks to Krekbrizzle for sending me loads of stuff through the post. I have more revision stuff now than I did during my school days.
  10. I am in a similar position (long way off Sandhurst though).

    I spoke to the most Senior Recruiting Officer and he said that it is a requirement and so it is needed. However, they do take into account your degree. If it has enough Maths in it they will allow you to apply, however, just so you know, you will have to sit some Numeracy based tests at Sandhurst. The best option here is to not give them an option to pick you out, hence getting the GCSE. Beats not having it and asking them to let you in anyway, if that makes sense.

    My advice, would be to wait out for your January results and hope for the best. If if have not got the C or above, then simply try again in the resits, work harder and devote more time to the Mathematics. Obviously your degree comes first though. Maybe spend that little extra and get some tuiton lessons.

    Good luck.
  11. I am surprised (well a bit), that a business degree did not need the Maths to start with. Are your sure that you have not done some sort of maths course within the degree labelled as "supplementary maths" or something similar? I would talk to your tutors.
  12. i can tell you that you need to have grade C or above in maths, english, science or foreign language. GCSEs need to to add up to 35 ALIS points and AS/A2 need to be 180 UCAS points. You must have these points to be considered as a pot officer. it doesnt matter if you have a degree you must have to ALIS & UCAS points in order for your application to be considered and to get an interview with an ACA Col.
  13. I got a D at maths GCSE, but after achieving the relevant UCAS points at A-level and getting a degree in history, my regimental sponsor had a 'chat' with the Education Officer at Westbury and managed to get me in.

    That said, i was already going to repeat my maths anyway (which i have done), and the fact that i had committed three years of my time to the OTC whilst at uni which swayed it i think.
  14. At AOSB then can be flexible with certain educational requirements. I only got 160 UCAS points (180 is required) but I managed to get onto a degree and my GCSE's were fairly good. Due to my poor A levels so I was given a delayed pass to Sandhurst for 2 years with the requirement I went to university. Your briefing aptitude tests will also be taken into account with the education officer so if your strong in other areas at selection (fitness, leadership etc) you could get through with a weak educational profile. Good luck with your results though.
  15. At the risk of sounding like a complete throbber- just do GCSE maths. You only have to get a C grade, so you could take the intermediate paper which is easier than the higher paper (you can only get a maximum of a grade B on it). To be honest, if you struggle to get GCSE maths, I think you may have a bit of a hard time at RMAS. In any case, most employers would question why you have a 2:1 in business and dont have GCSE maths at A*-C grade.