Alternative to ASBOs?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by B00MER, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. I have watched with horror this week TV focusing on CHAV famillies terrorising their neighbours - what is the solution...
    My view is that it shoud be one in one out...
    In place of an ASBO young chavs should be shipped abroad to whichever country they are desperate to flood us with at that time... Lets say Nigeria / Philippines... 6 monhs later swap back
    Immigrant comes over her, earns his way and takes a wodge back home with him at the end of 6 months.
    Chav goes over there with 1 months dole in his pocket, rest is up to him.

    Might teach them some respect for what their forefathers have built in UK, if not and they don't ment their ways - change becomes permanent...
    In some cases the whole family could be sent!!
  2. A better alternative would be to just kill them. Unfortunately we as a country are too gay to do that sort of thing.
  3. Nothing as complicated as that I'm afraid.
    Lift them quick, courts the following day, removed from the street for a year minimum, (full term to be served).
    Reduced benefits on release, (if they have no job).
    This will of course require a few more jails building.
    Subsequent offences will need to be dealt with by ever harsher sentences.
    I believe the message will sink in to their friends and deter them.
  4. Organised supervised gatherings.
    All Chav's who are awarded an ASBO are made to meet in a community hall from the moment they leave school/work until midnight etc. That way, they're too knackered to be disruptive and they're not on the streets.

    For the dolies, they should be on a voluntary work scheme (voluntary as not get paid rather than having an option of attending) and doing community service, again to deny them time to loiter about the streets.

    The only area that requires some thought is all the humongous monster chav's who have managed to get on some ficticious disability benefit or other. I suppose sitting down sewing mail bags could work.

    In short, deny the fuckers the freedom to be disruptive.

    Public humiliation might work. I'd be a meek mouse around my streets if everyone saw the size of my knob. :(
  5. too certain, then you'll get into the whole prison building / costs etc...
    My way you have people who want to be here, they will not whinge about their accom....
    Cheaper solution.... They may also not return - what a blow!
  6. Do you honestly think that they would pitch?
  7. Turn welfare into workfare.

    Build big concrete workhouses with a soup kitchen at one end.

    Equip each workhouse with a store that contains picks, shovels, cleaning equipment, safety clothing, etc.

    Heres a list of jobs they can get cracking on with:

    - pick up litter
    - shovel snow off the roads
    - provide assistance for OAPs
    - free manual labour for small farms
    - maintenance of heritage estates, schools, and other public properties

    I was going to add "go down the mines and dig out some more salt/coal", but I guess machines would be more reliable for that....
  8. send them on all inclusuve holiday to china with 51g of class A ..
  9. I guess it depends on how you view the penal system and that's really determined by our social culture. We focus on the individual and so our criminal justice system leans toward punishing/deterring/rehabilitating the person convicted of the crime. If you go out east to where the collective interest is paramount, the principle behind sentencing is the deterrent effect on everybody else and sod the crim.

    The mindset can be a bit harsh when it comes to the grey areas between the individual interest and the state's, but these places generally have fewer instances of anti-social behaviour. People self-restrain to a far higher degree. They don't feel entitled to kick off at a moment's notice.
  10. :twisted: Oh, Oh, Oh got it......
    The Iranians had the right idea.... Sentence them according to the crime to help in Afganistan..... Worse the crime, longer the time spent...
    they can walk in front of convoys looking for IEDs.....
  11. Work parties doing all the jobs that are too expensive and unpleasant to get done normally. Some examples:

    Shifting all the snow that seems to be causing so much trouble.
    Cleaning dogsh!t from parks
    Tidying OAPs gardens
    Litter patrols
    Removing all the graffiti that makes the country look like a ghetto
    Cleaning out canals and rivers

    The list is endless. It will require a high degree of supervision and enforcement. Get charities and Neighbourhood Watch schemes involved as well as switching social workers and parole officers onto the job of ensuring crime is punished. Make every county and local council responsible for keeping and publishing a list of suitable projects. The voting public will expect these jobs to be done

    The scrotes would have to do the hours or face the sanction of fines and/or removal of benefits.
  12. [​IMG]
    The Birch.

    In an open and public place. Hard to act hard as ten men when the whole town saw you blub like a baby, and hard to steal cars and carry out other anti-social acts when your shirt is scabbed to your back!!!

    Birching could be carried out by an anonymous group, who travel to the town on a weekly basis. Or as a 'pay for a go' basis.

    I'd give it 3 months before anti-social behaviour was all but extinct. A few brain dead chavs might still be up to mischief after that time, but before 12 months I think we'd be back to leaving our front doors open.
  13. We're hamstrung by red tape which no-one in authority is prepared to cut through. Look at Anjem Choudray (Islam4UK) - mischief making malingerer getting £25,740 in benefits (compared to a Tom in 'Stan earning just £17,004). Choudary should have been out this week having to clear snow and ice, but too much Human Rights, Health and Safety and other well meant, but stupifying legislation prevented it. Why? Why can't someone in Westminster grow the bollocks to say "Hey, this is fcukin' mental. We've gotta put a stop to that and make these cnuts accountable." :x
  14. How about kneecapping?
  15. Dream on.

    The probation service even refused to comply with government instructions to force criminals on unpaid work to wear orange jackets that said 'Community Payback'. Apparently it 'demeaned' them and violated their human rights, err, somehow.