Alternative tarining options

Hi all new user here. I am a member of 166 Supply Squadron and ex reg Royal Anglian 6 and a half years. Anyway i am due to go on ex 17th sept- 01 oct, but bad luck and wifes family problems may prevent me doing so.

I am keen and up for it but looking doubtful as on top of things may be moving house in september. Are there any alternative training options which may still qualify me for bounty?? I joined TA last december, completed tafs 1 and no further traning was required only Supply spec 3 course. Left regs in 2003, and as i say successfully passed and completed supply spec 3 in june. It is a damn shame and i want to stay in and stay committed havent met many colleagues from same unit yet!

Welcome to the other side. You need to talk to your PSAO or troopie about doing something else in lieu of camp. Usually, if you can do a career course or go and play with the ACF for a couple of weeks this will count towards your bounty. However, different unit, different rules so your admin officer is the man to which you need to speak. Why the change to loggy? Did you suddenly become chubby?

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